until then

By the time Oliver got to bed, Bex was already asleep. It was just as well. He supposed.

He couldn't be hurt, thinking she might stay up for him. Maybe she knew he wasn't in the best mood. Really, he wasn't.

What had happened to them? Why was everything so temperamental so suddenly?

Well, it had been building. Little by little. Perhaps this is what happens when you move in on someone else life and try to make it your own. Had he done that? Was it just bad Karma?

He knew he shouldn't have such thoughts roaming in his head. He had to think of all the good that had came from the last few months.

Oliver just always thought he could make her happy if given half a chance and he'd taken it, hadn't he?

Just wasn't possible, was it? He was beginning to think now.

He felt for sure he'd changed the most. Bex really hadn't had to do all that much. Now had she?

All right she'd physically changed. She was having twins.

He undressed and got in bed then, shutting his eyes tight. He thought of her mother's words, "She's just being a big baby, Oliver." He tried not to smile. Perhaps she really was trying to be on his side, after all. What was she really getting at? Honestly, he thought the woman just wanted to make trouble.

He could see where Bex got it from. Completely.

He let the laughter wash over him, thinking family meals weren't meat to be shared, but history to be made of some sort. Yes, tomorrow would be another day. A better day.


ellie said...

I like that he has hope. He needs that. I just don't think he can stay mad at Bex.

simon n josh said...

Bex has to know he's the best. Nobody else could probably put up with her..just kidding.

N a t a l i e. said...

All marriages go through rough times sooner or later, right? Hopefully all of this drama can pass eventually, things can go back to (almost) normal. But yes, it's good that he still has hope! I really like the last few lines. :)

Ivyoaks said...

It feels like an end of a certain part to me..hopefully..things will move on.

J.T's Tale said...

Loving this.

dawn said...

catching up on all your wonderful chapters! this last one is especially poignant. you really hit the nail on the head with the distance that grows between couples when children (even ones that aren't born yet) enter the marriage. it's certainly unfamiliar territory and rocky terrain at times too! great writing.

i truly hope spring is springing for you! this weekend was so pretty for us. i never wanted it to end! promise to keep up this week with you....last week was awful. thank god i schedule my posts, or else i would never have had anything new on my blog either! haha! have a great night, cait!