He doubted she'd talk about it. Oliver expected it. It was a lost cause. Wasn't it?

A chill surrounded him. It was a humid night and here he had cold chills as she started the car. The air conditioner came on. It was going to be a cold ride home.

"God, it was so dead tonight." She turned on the stereo.

"Completely." Oliver cleared his throat. He hated this music. Probably something of Dayton's. Nickleback crap. He so wanted a cigarette. He so wanted her to say something, but she didn't. He didn't live all that far from the library. He could have walked. He should have walked. Oliver looked out the window. He couldn't even look at her. He couldn't bare it. She was killing him, slowly. It was sad. He was a sad sort. She had a boyfriend. He really needed to find a girlfriend. He needed to try. He needed to get out of this sinking shitty boat he was in.

Maybe what he really needed was to throw up. Then he'd join some drag queen cult and become the queen and everyone would be happy. Except him.

"So you doing anything tonight?" It was sort of a last plea. He guessed as they were in his driveway. She'd cut the engine. He listened to the silence. Not even Nickleback.

She looked at him. He looked back as if there was suppose to be something said. But there wasn't. Suddenly, she zoomed in. Sort of like a shark attack, and he felt his head knock against the door. It was so amazing, though a little harsh. She almost gave him a lip burn, but he wasn't going to knock it. Jesus, she was a lion in a winter, and a hungry one at that. Oliver could hardly catch his breath. The windows started to steam.

"I don't think we should do anything." She was nibbling on his neck though. And those finger were definitely pulling his T-shirt out his pants.

"No, I know that. I honestly do." He was finding it hard to breath as somehow he felt himself sliding more down in the front seat. Oliver was sure he should be doing something, but he wasn't. Just waiting to see just where in the hell this was going.

Obviously, she already knew what sort of effect she had on him. Or was that affect. God, he could never remember the difference and why in the hell did it at all matter now? She was in his pants. Not that he minded, but he was sweating. This was not the cleanest of circumstances, was it?

"I love the way you smell. You're so fruity."

"Fruity?" OK, maybe she'd been drinking something all this time while at work in that mug of hers. "What do you mean?"

"Like a peach cobbler."

"Peaches?" He hadn't eaten any peaches. "I don't think you've had a cobbler in a while?"

"I know," she said and she was touching the only thing he had sex with at least twice a day. This was making him a little nervous. Was she about to do what he thought she was going to do? My God, this was like a dream come true, but better. Sort of. Although, his head was mashed between the seat and the door just a little, and he thought his leg might be cramping. Never mind that slight ache in his lower back.

He couldn't see a thing in the dark.

He heard a tap on the passenger window. He jumped instantly.

It wasn't exactly cool anymore from the air conditioner and the windows were a fog. Oliver pushed Bex away. He scrambled to zip his pants up. He could see a flashlight trying to spot the evidence.

Damn cops. What the fuck, he thought, watching his house waiting for the worst.

Oliver rolled down the window.

"What's happening in there?" The officer asked.

"Oh, she lost something." That was the best Oliver could come up with.

"I think I lost my contact," Bex said scrambling in the floorboard.

"Do you need a flashlight?"

"I found it," she smiled. There was a real contact on the end of her finger. She showed the officer. It was all so amazing. How did she do that? Oliver wondered. He was shaking, maybe with laughter, maybe the shock of it all.

Finally, the officer left.

"Listen," Oliver said swallowing back the idea that she didn't have to actually go down on him. Really, he didn't want that. OK, that would have been great, but no, that could wait. "The touching is just fine. Really. You know, I know-"

"OK," she was good with that. She gave him a quick kiss. They'd settled on something. Perhaps. He wasn't sure. "I have to go." He guessed the officer scared her. It scared him too.

He was still slightly shaking even after getting out of the car. God, he needed a smoke for sure now.


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