part of the deal

Dayton wasn't sure he wanted to hear this from Tony. It was so unexpected. And yet it wasn't. Any other day at the theater he'd be doing a list of odd jobs. He could be in the kitchen stocking food, or he might be in the prop room making sure everything was in place for rehearsals and shows. But today Tony wanted him in his office upstairs.

"I want you meet someone." Tony had said so vaguely that it just made Dayton feel about as optimistic as the time the school psychologist wanted to see him in middle school. If there had been a nurse's office to escape too, he would have.

So there was someone. A woman. Dayton cringed at the thought that he'd have to think of something to say when this middle aged woman held out her hand to shake it. She was so professional and she smelled nice. What would she ever want with him?

"Hi." Dayton barely said.

"This is Kitty Jones," Tony announced and the first thing Dayton thought of was a stripper. She didn't look like one.

Dayton just stared at her, not knowing what else to do.

"What do you think?"

Dayton didn't have an answer. He hoped he was asking her the question.

"Fresh." She smiled. "I like him."

Dayton bit his bottom lip then wondering what in the hell that meant.

"I got you an agent, Dayton."

Gulp. Dayton slightly coughed "Why?"

"She's found you some work." Tony smiled.

"Work?" Dayton almost fell over. He kept his hands in his back pockets. "What kind of work?"

"A PSA." She said.

"A what?" Dayton tried to clear his voice a bit.

"Its a local public commercial." Tony explained.

Dayton just nodded.

"What do I have to do?"

"Just take off your shirt." She told him.

"What? Right now?"

"No, in the advertisement." Kitty grinned.

"That doesn't sound like a public advertisement to me." Dayton couldn't help but scowl a little. Were they for real?


Cate said...

I read up! Good that this disaster dinner has been taken care of... Or not?
Kitty Jones reminded me of a porn star too, at least the name. Haha.
Dayton doesn't know how LUCKY he is! I'd loe to be found an agent for free! Tony pays, right? Haha.

ellie said...

This is kind of funny..but this might be the ticket.

Solo said...

Love the story..Kinda funny but do Dayton needs to take off his shirt!?;D Nice post..=)