watching you watching me

Bex was trying to warm up to spring. Only, it snowed again. Of course, Oliver kept reminding her it was a spring snow. It would go away soon enough. He'd already planted some beans out back.

And if that wasn't enough, their two crawlers were itiching to walk. More like running. It was never ending.

"That's the way its suppose to be." Oliver assured her. Of course, his hair was getting long and he was tieing it back, again. Perhaps, things did stay the same, she was beginning to believe. A lot like her stomach not ever really shrinking.

She'd look at these women, all skinny. It was irritating. She was on a diet. She went to the gym. Just what was their secret. And Oliver, he'd never gain weight. Never.

"You just have to stop thinking about it." Oliver told her. And she was. Well, trying, at least.

Oliver did have a way of taking those thoughts away. Just being himself.

Some times, she wanted to ask him how he could love her. But there was no need to ask. Especially, when he showed her everyday. And she knew she took him for granted.

"Well, I'm going to do more things this spring." She told him she'd cook more. She'd take swimming lessons with the kids.

"We both will." He told her she couldn't have all the fun.

Yes, there would be fun. Bex had to think fun. It had been a very cold winter, and she decided it was time to thaw out. No more grudges with Dayton. More phone calls with her mother. Or she could just watch Oliver play with the kids. Teaching them a new song with their hands, and getting them messy with paintings from pudding.


ellie said...

I liked the title to this. Oh, I hope she enjoys just being with her family.

ivy's closet said...

she should be happy.

natalie said...

Now that winter is pretty much over with, it's time to think positive about the upcoming spring and summer! It's good that she has Oliver there to distract here from her negativity.

elliestories said...

aw..he's a sweetie...if only I could meet someone like that.

meg said...

I like how Oliver stays positive.

Holly said...

Oliver..he's the best!

Anonymous said...

OK..I think your are a very cool writer.