lets do it, again

Geoff had been thinking about it for an awful long time now. And even when he and Oliver started on the art project, he knew it would take forever at the church. At least now it was starting to shape up. The garden painting in the baptistry.

It was back breaking, actually. But Oliver seemed as excited about it as he was, painting those leaves on trees. Pink and yellow flowers. So detailed. Rich greens and shadowy browns.

"And to think I wanted to cover the whole sanctuary in a mural." Geoff just smiled. It was good to get away from everything. This was what he loved to do, and yet their were certain individuals he loved too. It was just, this didn't aggravate him so much. He knew what he was doing.

"I'm glad you didn't." Oliver kept looking at their work. There was still water to paint at the base of the painting.

"You got that right." He sighed.

"To bad we can't put a unicorn somewhere in this." Oliver smiled.

"I think it might be frowned upon." Geoff nodded.

"Yeah, I'm sticking with leaves and grass." Oliver told him. He put his hands in his back pockets and studied the painting.

"I like doing this with you." Geoff gave him a pat on the back. "We have to find more gigs to do together."

"Really?" Oliver looked at him.

"Well, one a year is enough for me. Its not that murals are a big thing, anymore." He shrugged. "I think of this little art professor I had in college. She had a huge book of all the murals she'd done during the late 50's and 60's. She did one in New York City, Barcelona. A lot in Mexico."

"Yeah, its kind of a lost art." Oliver nodded. "That's why I only do bathrooms, anymore."

Geoff just chuckled. It gave him an idea. Maybe that was something he and Dayton could do. His mind was full of ideas of the landscape of his life. Paint a mural in the bedroom. But he didn't see that happening anytime soon. Just too much to do. Maybe some day.


elliestories said...

They are such artists.

ellie said...

its good for them to work together.

natalie said...

I wish they would paint a mural in my bedroom, complete with a unicorn :D That'd be freaking awesome.

the oaks said...

I love that they have a passion together.

ivy's closet said...

I like seeing their passion at work..with art.

dawn said...

murals are so much fun to paint....they'll have fun with this.

how are you? are you still here on this blog? hoping so... just checking in to see what's new with you. spring is finally creeping in here and i'm so glad to see it.
we saw alice last week.....meh...but we also saw inglourious basterds and i was unprepared to love it so like i did.
hope things are well and you are having happy days.

Ee Leen Lee said...

I love unicorns too