hit and miss

"I'd kind of just like for her to go away." Dayton found himself saying to Max.

"That doesn't sound good," Max said looking back at Dayton who was suppose to be helping him with some cleaning at the church.

"Of course, it doesn't. Its just, you know, I think everyone needs a chance on their own. She should just go away with Chuck. We'd have Trent, all the time. It would be so easy." Dayton shrugged who was cleaning down the pew.

"You have to learn to compromise."

"Compromise my ass!" His words echoed through the church. "That's all I do."

"You have to stop thinking about it so much." Max looked at him. They were alone. Just the two of them.

"I know. I try." He sat down in the pew as if he might have a moment with the lord, right now. "Geoff, its all his fault. He should have never married her in the first place."

"But then you'd never have Trent with you." Max reminded him.

"OK, I know. How come it works that way? Good things coming out of bad situations." Dayton sighed.

"You have not embraced the situation." Max told him as he took the dust mop one more round by the choir area.

"Yeah, I'm not really much of an embracer, if you've noticed." Dayton looked at Max then.

"You are too. Look at you and Trent. That is amazing, in its self. I was so sure you were not going to handle that at all. And you did. You are a great father. You are, and you can't deny that. Its just you have to have some faith. Geoff needs you. He loves you. This is what you have to remember. Some things you just can't change. You've got to adapt. And I know you have it in you, to do so."

Dayton just nodded. He wished he could absorb every word Max said, again and again, but he seemed to have forgot what Max said ,after the line You are a great father.


ellie said...

so love the update.

natalie said...

Max always seems to have the best advice to give, so hopefully Dayton will take it to heart. And it's so true, good things really can come out of even the worst of situations.

meg said...

aw..always love to know what Dayton is up too.

Holly said...

dayton is so dayton!

fan fic said...

Dayton does make me smile.