that other day they don't speak of

It didn't matter that Thanksgiving was late or if they'd already had one at Geoff & Dayton's...Chris and Max still had to make it out to Chris' parents.

"Well, I just don't think its fair that you have to do all the deer stuff." Max spoke up in his defense. It was as if all his sisters' husbands had waited until the weekend for Chris to come out and dress all the deer that had been shot. A total of six bucks.

Max looked at all of them as if they were taking Chris for granted.

"Maybe you should start taking your venison some place to be processed. Chris can't do it all." Max explained. "And he shouldn't. He has a family too, and...." He was like a festered pimple ready to pop. "Chris isn't going to do it."

He got a lot of looks from everyone in the dining-room who were waiting for Chris to get started out in the cold barn. The deer were hanging, waiting to be skinned. Chris gave a weak smile.

"He's battling a cold as if it, and well, he came out here because you all make him feel he's obligated." Max loaded up Chloe in her car-seat. "I think we'll be going." He looked at Chris who was as solemn as ever. They went to car then.

"My throat isn't that sore." Chris whispered.

"Well, it will be if you have to do all this work." Max looked at him. "Thanksgiving is a holiday where you give thanks, not skin a deer day, you know. In your case, half a dozen. Then you cut all up." Max gritted.

"Wait!" Chris' mom came out then as they were ready to go. "Come back in here. We haven't had pie yet. And, I know things have changed." She hugged herself then. "We've taken you for granted. And you're our only boy, you know. We all love Chloe so much, and Max too. Just come back in. We won't ever speak of venison, again."

Chris looked at Max.

"All right." He sighed.

Chris almost laughed. It would take Max to get his way. He was good at that kind of thing.


Ivyoaks said...

That was good..Not skin a deer day!

cass and cady said...

Max always something.

ellie said...

I'm glad max set them straight!

natalie said...

Haha, that reminds me of my dad :P He practically missed Thanksgiving dinner because he was deer hunting all day... I'm glad Max was there to set them straight, as Ellie said!

Anonymous said...

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