back in the saddle

Dayton squinted at the screen on his laptop. Granted it was the smallest and cheapest, but still it was his that Geoff somehow thought he needed. Only, he was never on it. Lord knows, when he checked his e-mail. Finally he had. And there it was.

They were interested in him making another PSA.

"Huh." He squinted hard. "Would you look at this?" He asked Geoff.

"What? You need glasses now." He winced back with a sigh.

"Its probably nothing. Probably too late. I dunno. They could have called, don't you think. Maybe its nothing?" Dayton shrugged.

"Well, they want to use you for a teenage father campaign." Geoff smiled.

"What?" Dayton looked a tad worried.

"You'd really be good." Geoff told him.

"But I'm not really a teenager." Dayton looked at Geoff.

"So what, you look like one. You think anyone is 16 on 90210?" Geoff chuckled. "I think this'll be great. It seems a lot of teenagers don't know there is help out there for them. Did you hear about that teenage guy who threw his baby down the stairs, and it had to have brain surgery?"

"God," Dayton squinted hard. "That's awful." It made him sick to think about it.

"Well, e-mail them. Tell them you'll do it." Geoff looked at him.

"OK." Dayton nodded. "Can you tell me where the spellcheck is again?" He looked up at Geoff.

"All right, I'll write it for you." He scooted Dayton over.

Dayton bit at his bottom lip. This sort of stuff made him nervous. But maybe this was what he was suppose to do.


ellie said...

wow, that'll be ineresting.

the oaks said...

cool..I'm glad they want him.

natalie said...

That's terrible about the guy that threw his baby down the stairs... D:

I'm glad that Dayton is going to do this though. Hurrah for more PSAs :D

blue hearts said...

Unfortunately, that's the true part. the teenager throwing his baby down the stairs. He's 17. He's being tried as an adult about what he did.

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

That's a really cool opportunity, I'm glad he's going to do it.

sid and violet said...

Really, there needs to be some attention put on this. I think.