moving forward

Nancy had to face facts. Things would never be the same again. She had a bit of a limp on her left side and her left arm wasn't as strong as it used to be. There was a lot she couldn't do with her left hand. She had a small slur too. But her diction was getting better.

"I just didn't know how good I had it until I lost it." Nancy told Bex when she took her Christmas shopping. They'd missed the black Friday sales because Bex was afraid of germs and Nancy didn't want to fight the crowd.

"Well, you look great. Really, you don't look different at all." Bex was being a good friend. Nancy knew she looked different. She felt it. And when she looked at Geoff and Dayton together she always thought she would have been out of their lives by now, but she wasn't. She felt so dependent on them. She hated being a burden. "And Geoff got you a job at the office in the high school. You must be happy about that."

"Well, I probably wouldn't be there if it wasn't for TLF. I get to start working all day next week." She had to take as many of these easy days as she could. And in a few days she'd be home in her old room again. "I going to miss TLF, so much."

"Oh really," Bex just smiled as if she knew why.

"Yeah, I know, I'll miss Chuck." He was her new best friend. "He'll have someone else to see instead of me."

"I kind of doubt that. You two get along really well." Bex reminded her as they found a place at the mall to park that wasn't too far from the entrance. Bex had the handicap hanger on her rear view mirror so all was proper.

"I shouldn't want anything from him." She shook her head, feeling a threat of missing him already when she'd see in a little while. Naturally, the first store they went into, she was drawn to all the things she'd like to see him in. An elegant coat. Beautiful dress shirts. Detailed ties. A sleek black vest. She would love to make him over, yet she wouldn't want to change a thing about Chuck.


e.l. said...

I'm sure Nancy must be stressed in this transition.

Raigan said...

dressing up boys is so much fun, normally you have to fight them but other then that it's normally a good time!

I haven't read this one in a while, but I'm hoping to get all caught up!

Hope your thanksgiving was grand!


simon n josh said...

I do think she's in love with him.

natalie said...

Nancy's right... you never know how could you have it until you do lose it, unfortunately :P But yeah, I'm sure this isn't exactly the easiest situation for her to be in right now :/