Oliver wanted something different for Thanksgiving. He was sure it would be the same old thing with Bex's mother. An up to do meal, beautifully done but cold conversation, none the less.

"Why not just go to the church this year." He thought out loud.

"Can't we just do it here?" Bex wasn't in the mood to go anywhere. Really, she was quite stay at home these days. She was battling work and an online class, as well.

"All right." He supposed he should have thought smaller, some how. "Oh yeah," he's almost forgot, Dayton had mentioned something about Thanksgiving too. "We could go to Dayton's."

"What?" Bex winced still thinking of a tiny meal that might be made up of stuffing and turkey mixed together. She'd listened to someone - about how they should cook the turkey this weekend. De-bone it, freeze it then let it warm in the crock pot for dinner on Thanksgiving.

"Well, it wouldn't be just us," Oliver winced back, who was getting out the turkey just as she said. As it was, she'd shout out what needed to be done and he'd do it. Some team effort is was but it was called normal at their house. "Nancy will be there. He just wants people over, you know."

"So." She wasn't giving in.

"Come on, it would be nice. Perhaps easy. We'd bring turkey in the crock pot." He wasn't giving in, either. She rolled her eyes, but she didn't say, no. He got on his cell then and called Dayton to ask if they had their turkey yet.

"That's just what were going to do, today." Dayton told him it was rather a slow go. There was a cold fog out, and they didn't want to get the baby sick.

"Would you be offended with crock pot turkey?" Oliver asked.

"Turkey is turkey." Dayton didn't care.

"Good, we'll bring the turkey then."

"I asked Max and Chris too," Dayton reminded him. "And they said they'd bring pies. Something about a cranberry one and a pumpkin."

"I thought they'd be at the church?"

"Well, they are. You know, its not happening til the evening."

"Oh, right." Maybe Oliver would help out at the church, after all. They were taking food to the shut-ins.

He had to get started on the turkey. If only he didn't have to worry about the next couple days at work. He supposed he should think about Thanksgiving, everyday. Just in new ways.


e.l. said...

crock pot turkey..not a bad idea.

the oaks said...

I love Oliver and his ways of dealing with Bex.

natalie said...

I agree with Oliver - the Thanksgiving dinner can be cooked to perfection with breakable plates and all that jazz, but even that can still manage to just wipe all of the holiday spirit away. Their dinner plans sound fine to me!

Lieren said...

I suppose Bex still has issues with Dayton.

Also, I like Dayton's outlook: turkey is turkey. It made me smile.

Turkey kind of reminds me of a short story called Hey, You Down There! I forgot who wrote it, but it's kind of interesting.

selena st.john said...

"Would you be offended with crock pot turkey?" Oliver asked.

"Turkey is turkey." Dayton didn't care.

That one really made me laugh. :)

fan fic said...

I so love Dayton.