you said you would

This was news to Geoff. This Riley.

He listened while Dayton changed Trent's pamper.

"Oliver seems to think we should invite him over." Dayton shrugged. "You know, to have dinner or something. You know anyone we could set him up with?"

"I'd have to think about it." Geoff was tired. Other things were on his mind. Like Nancy and Chuck. He'd found them talking down at the home where she was living. They were pretty chummy. But she wouldn't say a word about it to him. He was hoping she would.

"You have to know someone." Dayton looked at him as if he was suppose to know the answer to everything. Geoff took the baby from him. Trent was holding himself up so alert and ready to play. He definitely took Geoff mind off so much.

"I can't think of anyone." He tickled Trent's plump tummy in his sleeper. Naturally, Trent returned the favor with kicking his legs and blowing bubbles. "Besides, I dunno, if we should get involved. Riley sounds kind of strange."

"Well, it would be like a practice date, you know." Dayton kept his hands in his back pockets.

"A practice date?" Geoff looked at Dayton with a wince. "Well, why don't you be the guinea pig and I'll coach." He gave Dayton a smile then.

"Are you kidding me?" Dayton squinted.

"No." Geoff laughed. "He's your friend. Besides I think I've dated more than you have."

"Well, thanks a lot." Dayton looked a bit hurt as he took Trent from him.

"I guess that means I'm cooking dinner tonight, huh?" He watched Dayton with the baby.

"I guess you are." Dayton gave him a sly smirk.


dawn said...

they're so cute with the baby....better hope geoff can cook! :)

how have you been, friend? is life treating you well? i hope so.....
have you seen any good movies lately? i'm dying to see pirate radio. i saw bright star...the cinematography was beautiful, but that's about it i thought. did you like it? have you seen the shrink? i really liked it. but i would watch kevin spacey read a phone book....:)
i hope you are happy and well and navigating life in the graceful way that you do. xo

cass and cady said...

Oh boy! Dayton is a laugh sometimes.

ellie said...

hmmm..I hope Geoff is right about this. I like them.

the oaks said...

what could possibly go wrong now?

natalie said...

They are a pretty cute pair, with the baby on board as well, hehe! And I bet they can find someone to pair Riley up with!