a helping hand

Chuck had brought brownies. As it was he was there everyday to help Nancy with therapy. He went so much to putting in a little extra something. It might be encouraging words. Helping the nurse get her on the equipment to make her strive a little harder. Slowly, some results were happening. She was walking. Still it was a struggle to lift her right arm.

She'd read horror stories online from women who never got any feeling back. It was depressing, and she wasn't sure if she even wanted to talk anymore. Of course, he was full of questions. What was her favorite color? Did she have a favorite movie? What kind of music did she like?

She found it a bit perturbing. Was it the fact that he was so happy to help? Or the fact he didn't remember her at all. She wouldn't remind him.

"Why are you here?" She finally managed to get the words out.

"That was very good, Nancy." He smiled brightly as if it didn't matter what she'd said, but she'd said something.

"No. Why? Why do you-" She winced.

"Because we're like Nancy and John Red Corn on King of the Hill." He chuckled. "Maybe we could dress up for the Halloween party here."

She said nothing to that. Was that a hint? He did remember? Well, it was a mystery and she felt very uncomfortable around him. It was just not fair.

"I'm sorry, didn't meant it... like you think." Chuck winced. "I mean, you're married and all. I was just teasing. You know. Your name being Nancy and all."

She almost smiled. He'd caught himself. After all. Well, it was still doubtful he remembered her. Better to keep it that way. She nibbled on one of his brownies then. The taste of the heat scorched her mouth.

"Oh, I put red pepper in those, what do you think?" He grinned then.


elliestories said...

red pepper in the brownies..woooo..

e.l. said...

That was funny about Nancy and John Red Corn too.

natalie said...

Brownies make everything better! ...unless they have red pepper in them, haha. Well, I think it's good that Chuck is trying to help!

Wana said...

ah! i wanna spank chuck.lol