oh, right

Bex was waiting for Oliver to have a clever idea about costumes for Maisy and Monty.

"We have to show them off, you know." She told him while he was searching in the bathroom for something. It seemed he was on a mission of some kind. Inspiration, she thought he said, but she wasn't sure.

"Just how many bottles of lotion do we have in the bathroom?" He called for Bex. The babies were in their cribs.

She leaned against the bathroom doorway watching him.

"I have no idea." She shook her head.

"Is there an expiration date?" He took a sniff of a big bottle of lotion and handed it to her to smell. Bex just winced.

"I think I'll take a load of this stuff in the closet here and just see how long it last at work." He nodded.

"I don't care. As long as I have my stuff, I'm OK." She hugged herself.

"That's just it, Bex. This is all of yours." He put the bottle back in the closet.

"What about the costumes?"

"I dunno." He winced and followed her into the nursery. Naturally, she was drawn to Maisy and he took Monty. "With all this sickness around, I kind of want to stay home."

"I can't believe you said that." She looked at him. "I'm the one who says things like that. Not you." She tickled Maisy then and she smiled so big. Monty on the other hand was all serious as he studied Oliver's face.

"Everything has just gotten freaky, lately. Snow in early October. The school might close because of the flu. I just want to stay at home as much as possible." He told her.

"I know." Bex sighed. "You think they'll be mad if we don't go to the Halloween party."

"Believe me, the kids could care less about the party at the library." Oliver assured her.

"No, I mean, you know, the library. Are they expecting us to be there?" She wondered as she went to go check Maisy's pamper.

"I don't think so. And I don't care if they get mad. Its the children's department. Circulation has nothing to do with that party." He hugged Monty.

"Oliver," she looked back at him after she'd changed Maisy as the changing table. "I think I'm changing you." She grinned then.

"Naturally, you'd see it that way, now wouldn't you?" Oliver shook his head.

Bex just laughed. She knew they had to enjoy these little moments with the kids as long as they could. Possibly, he was changing her for the better too. They just didn't have to talk about that.


elliestories said...

This was sweet.

simon n josh said...

Oliver's attitude might be changing..yeah, right...

fan fic said...

I hope this doesn't mean trouble.

Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad they spend so much times with the kids.

Jules said...

fun :D

selena st.john said...

This was really sweet.
I liked it.