its going around

"I don't know, its just kind of strange, you know."

Bex overheard Dayton talking to Oliver at the circulation counter.

"I mean, I want to be here, but its like, do I know what I'm doing? All I can think about is Trent. And I know he's with Geoff right now, and he's with Nancy and yeah, she needs to see him. Its just 4 hours. I can do this." He nodded.

"Well, don't forget to take some time for yourself. You might not be sleeping quite as good with everything. I know a little bit about that." Oliver grinned, and he looked back at Bex who was being her pouty self, as usual, lately.

"I won't." Dayton sighed and he caught Bex staring. She crossed her arms and wished to give him the evil eye.

Dayton walked toward her to the back where the computers were where she worked. She naturally, turned her back on him as if she didn't want a thing from him.

"Look, I know I meant to hurt you," Dayton said. "And I did, and I shouldn't have. Its just everything is weird with me, lately."

"Maybe you need meds to control your little rages." She said so matter of fact like. She could hurt him just as easily. She knew.

"I'm sorry for what I said. But it could be true." He sounded so certain.

"I'm not that awful." She could barely get the words out. "Yes, I thought it too. I did. What if, you know. I had your brat. Maybe it did cross my mind. To have an abortion. But I didn't."

"I thought you were past this," Dayton said.

"You brought it up." She reminded him. Maybe they'd have a stare down now. Well, she'd win. She could.

"You know how you are, you never let anything go, do you?" He kept glaring.

"Maybe I don't." She told him.

"Yeah, you know, I really think thats what kept us together for as long as it did. It was the arguing. Wasn't it?"

"No." She shook her head.

"Well, sometimes, I don't think their is all that much difference in love and hate. You get used to one thing and you just keep it going," Dayton said. "Just hope you don't get wicked on Oliver. That's one guy who's gone out of his way to make you happy. Tell me, Bex, you done anything lately to make that guy happy?"

He left it at that.

Bex just winced. How dare he talk about things he knew nothing about, she thought.


past the point said...

I think Dayton is getting wise.

the oaks said...

I think Bex might learn something from Dayton.

natalie said...

Hopefully Bex and Dayton will be able to work all of this out in the end! But for now, Bex really should listen to Dayton, especially about Oliver... I guess Bex can be rather self centered at times :P

e.l. said...

I like how Dayton is seeing this now.

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Oh, I love that. Dayton certainly gave Bex something to think about.

selena st.john said...

Glad that you updated!

dawn said...

haha! go dayton, go! bex needs some mental stimulation!

how are you these days? i hope you are well and happy and loving life.
went to see Cold Souls....have you seen it? i think you might really like it. i loved thinking about it for days after...."how do you define the success of a life?" pretty good things to ponder.
sending you big hugs.