the simple of things

Dayton couldn't wait to get home and tell Geoff that he gave Bex a hug. He'd be proud of him. But then, he didn't want him to think he'd done it just for him, either. Best to keep it to himself, he guessed as he went right to work with all the books that needed to be mended.

He found it rather theraputic. It gave him good thoughts about a lot of things in his life. Everything, except Nancy. He knew he had to work on that. He just kept putting it off. A lot like a book you meant to read, or a movie that was on your list to watch, but it never got done and then you forgot there was even a book or a movie that you were waiting for.

Dayton wished it was that simple.

He looked through the pages to find the cracks to glue in the binding. He tried to remember the first time he ever met Nancy. He didn't like her. She thought she was all that. Of course, that was a time when he thought he was all that, too, or tried to be. Maybe they were too much a like. Maybe.

He mashed the book tight then to keep it straight. Then he rubber banded it again and again until all the lines made little squares holding the book tight.

Suddenly he remembered...Geoff said they'd do the paternity test as soon as the baby was born.

"Well, can't you do it with me." Dayton thought of the HIV test. Geoff had just given him hug and told him, no. There was no need for him to take the test.

Dayton nursed his upper lip now as he took care of another book. He taped the insides where the book was first openned. Why was he so afraid that kid would be his? He knew it was. He wouldn't be surprised. Not really. He knew what he said before. He just didn't want it to be true.

Now he kind of hoped it was his.

He cringed at the thought of Nancy with that old guy who was probably old enough to be her grandfather. It just made him nausea at the thought. How could she?

About two and a half hours later, he stacked up the books then that he'd mended and went to clean up the glue and rags. It was time to get started with the shelving.

It was then as he was finishing up with the mending... he knew what he should do. He needed to find Nancy a boyfriend.


ellie said...

He's the last person I can think of who would find a boyfriend for Nancy.

natalie said...

Dayton is playing matchmaker now? Hahah I love it :D

taffy. said...

haha, perfect logic, dayton!
i'm glad him and bex are betterish.

Anonymous said...

Nancy does need a boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Nancy does need a boyfriend but Dayton shouldn't pick him out.