it might be nice

"Is it really his first day?" Bex wasn't ready to see Dayton. She still detested him. Bex always did her best to be nowhere around when Dayton was around.

"Uh, huh," Oliver said who had his hands in his dark pin-strip suit pants. He was stylish as usual with just a white T under his open pin-stripe vest. And he smelled of apple pie. Really, no wonder how he made so many teenage girls so giddy. They teased him that he should be in the next Twilight movie. "I told you last night, remember, before we went to bed."

Other things had been on her mind then. Like Oliver, up close and personal and that three hour window when the twins were still asleep. Not this stuff about Dayton.

"Maybe I won't see him at all." Bex shrugged about the Dayton matter now.

"Maybe you will," Oliver looked at her. "Then what will you do?"

Bex just shrugged. She'd rather act like she didn't know him, but she wouldn't dare say that to Oliver. She knew he'd helped Dayton get the job.

Oliver shook his head, and walked away then.

She knew what he was thinking. He was thinking she'd start something just to start something. Well, she wasn't.

Just as she turned to walk back to her computer to do what she was supposed to be doing, finding records on the books in the library to be properly edited for their data base. There Dayton was coming in the back door.

She just stopped and stared. He didn't look a thing like she remembered. He was smiling. He looked happy. Bex felt a tickle in her throat. She wanted to cough, but found herself laughing instead. Well, a slight laugh. Not a major one, but a smile slipped on her face as if this cold cloud of anger had somehow been subdued.

"You can put your stuff in this cupboard," she said, taking him to the room where she used to work on the new books that came in from the book orders. He would now be mending book there.

"OK." He shrugged. Of course, he didn't have much, but a small messenger bag for books he might checkout and some snacks.

She stood there looking at him after he shut the door to the cupboard. He looked at her intently in the eye for a moment. It felt bit like a stare down competition.

Finally, Dayton hugged her. It was a shock. All Bex knew to do was to slowly hug him back very carefully.


em said...

HAHA! I loved the part about Twilight! It made me laugh so hard. Also about the apple pie. Actually I am only seeing the next twilight for Jamie.

natalie said...

Hahah, I also enjoyed the thought of Oliver in Twilight :D He'd definitely be better than Robert Pattinson ;)

And I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't a hug O: Hopefully this means that they won't be mortal enemies or anything!

the oaks said...

That was cool that he gave her a hug. I really think Dayton can find some sort of peace with Bex. Just not so sure with Nancy.

simon n josh said...

I so love Oliver..and even Dayton, too.

past the point said...

aw..Dayton can be nice.

dawn said...

i have been missing in action (as you would guess) and so i'm catching up on your stellar writing. you sure can weave a story.

how have you been? how's your summer going? what are you doing this fall? i have really been focusing so much on the photography lately i have been neglecting other things. i've missed coming here....i will be re-committing to this all when the fall arrives (soon). did i tell you that i went to see away we go? i so loved it. what have you seen lately? hope so much that you are well, friend.

taffy. said...