a slice of pie

Geoff could see Dayton was excited to tell him all about his day. Really, he could see he was enjoying himself. Geoff couldn't help but smile. Dayton's grin was contagious. He had to kiss him at the kitchen table.

"Where's Nancy?" Dayton asked after dinner was done and Geoff was cutting him a piece of Cherry pie.

"Resting?" Dayton winced at the clock, "But its just after nine o'clock."

"Its OK. She needs her rest." Geoff set next to him with glasses of milk.

"I've been thinking, she needs a boyfriend." Dayton took a gulp of milk in then with red cherry still on his bottom lip.

"Are you-" Geoff knew he might say something he might regret. "Really, its just not a good time for her to be thinking about dating, you know."

"It might make her feel better about things." Dayton shrugged.

"No." Geoff didn't want this anymore complicated than it already was.

"Well, she needs somebody." Dayton was serious.

"She has us."

"If she had someone who actually wanted to be with her, she wouldn't be all cranky." Dayton fretted as he ate the pie.

"Nancy's not cranky." Geoff didn't believe that.

"What? You're saying I'm the one who makes her cranky." Dayton pout.

"Possibly." Geoff crossed his arms then and just looked at his pie. "Look, romance takes time. And I don't even know if she'd be up for something like that."

"OK." Dayton nodded. "But when it walks in to your life, you know it. You do."

"Are you sure?" Geoff smiled then.

"OK, it happens when you least expect it." Dayton told him.

"I guess." Geoff had to think on it. "Sure, I knew I wanted you the minute I saw you. It didn't mean it was going to happen, that moment."

"So how many times did you see me before you actually got up the nerve to say anything to me?" Dayton wanted to know.

"I dunno." Geoff chuckled and he gave Dayton a playful jab in the ribs. He knew one thing for sure, he was just going to have to take Dayton's mind off these Nancy worries. Really, matchmaking was not Dayton's calling.


ellie said...

They are sweet together.

simon josh said...

I hope Dayton won't rush out and try to find Nancy someone.

the oaks said...

I liked that question Dayton asked Geoff.

natalie said...

Haha yeah, I don't know if Dayton would be the best person to set up relationships ;) But it was nice of him to be thinking of her!

taffy. said...

regarding the last statement: i dunno, geoff may be pleasantly surprised.