on the mend

Seriously, Oliver didn't expect to see Dayton anytime soon. As it was Oliver was deep in the summer reading program. A shelver quit to go on a trip to the Peace Corp, and there were high stacks of books to be mended.

"He was our best book mender," he told Max. "At least he and Geoff are talking it out. It sounds pretty normal now."

"Well, he kept asking for you," Max told him while he'd brought Chloe to pajamma storytime. She could hardly keep still in the stroller. She wanted out of it and she wanted books.

"I wonder why?" Oliver shook his head. "Probably trying to put off the envitable. Dunno why he's that way. He adores Geoff. I think he banks on everything ending badly, you know."

"I guess that's possible. He even told Chris he'd been with his sister. Who in their right mind does that?" Max shrugged.

"Well, things are back to normal now. He's moved back in with Geoff and Nancy. Smooth sailing." Oliver smiled.

"Yeah, I'm sure its all smoothed out now." Max agreed.

"Is Chris all right?" Oliver was concerned.

"You know, him, he beats himself up about everything." Max told him. "He's still dead set on talking with his sister. She went back to the Indian Reservation."


"Chris is going to find out." Max informed him.

"Are you going with him?" Oliver wanted to know.

"I don't think so." Max winced.

"We could always keep Chloe, you know." Oliver shrugged. He had to get back to work, but he took a good long look at her. She was growing like a weed. She was about to give her pacifer up.

"You have your hands full as it is." Max smiled.

"But we want her to get know her cousins." Oliver touched the top of Chloe's head. Thinking this was about as close as he'd ever get to her.

"And how are those little blessings." He remarked.

"Almost sleeping through the night if Bex will let them." Oliver chuckled.


e.l. said...

Just one line about Bex and yet we know exactly how she is.

Book mending. There is an art to it, of course.

past the point said...

Dayton the book mender..what a title to have.

Ivyoaks said...

mending..such an interesting word.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear about the twins.

sid and violet said...

Oliver is the best.

the oaks said...

Oliver is just so Oliver.