Chris hated to go alone, but he was afraid to take Max with him just in case there was trouble.

"What are you doing here?" Ruby asked as soon as she opened the door to a place that might as well have been a barn.

"What are you doing here?" Chris was still in a state of shock that his sister who'd just graduated high school had moved in with....this guy. "Aren't you suppose to be getting ready for UT or something."

"I'm not going there." She looked at him as if that was past history.

"But you got a scholarship." Chris looked at her. "You got a 4 year scholarship?"

"I don't want to argue about it." She let him in and it was there he met Chuck who looked older than Ruby. Perhaps Chris' age. Her sister was suppose to date high school boys, not guys like Chuck.

"So how did you meet?" Chris decided he was getting no where with the other questions.

"A Bright Eyes concert." Ruby told him.

"Bright Eyes." Chris nodded, thinking of Dayton. They'd been to a few of those concerts together. "And you've been seeing each other-"

"A while, since Thanksgiving."

"But you didn't bring him to any Christmas stuff or you know-holiday-"

"When have you brought Max to anything?" That's when Ruby told Chuck about her brother being gay.

"Well, thanks for sharing that Ruby, but did you have to?" Chris looked at Ruby. He wasn't sure he wanted to look at Chuck.

"Do I have to share everything with you?" She scowled.

"Yes, I want you too." Chris looked at her hard and then said to Chuck, "Max and I have a daughter."

"So what about Dayton?" Chris wanted to know.

"What about him? We just found him out by the river, walking."

"Just walking?"

"Yeah, pretty much. He didn't say much about it. He just wanted me to tell you he'd been with me all this time." Ruby shrugged.

"Do you know who he was with?" Chris looked at both of them.

"Not really. But he looked pretty sorry about who ever he'd been with." Ruby told him.


ellie said...

Hopefully, chris & ruby will be closer now...and he'll get to know Chuck.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about Chuck...

fan fic said...

funny that they met at a bright eyes concert.

natalie said...

Hmmm... hopefully Ruby knows what she's doing with Chuck...