You said everything
Let is show
Let it breathe
You know you make me sick

You've got your house
Your car
A big backyard
Don't state the obvious

Fall is on it's way
No more sunny days
It gets dark you know

Smoke your cigarette
Try not to forget
That you know
They make
You sick

Things never turn out
The way I want them to
But we're all
All born innocent
Take what you can
Take everything you need
But save some for me
Or save it for yourself

Write me a letter and explain
We're all born innocent
Yes we are
Your job is perfect as it was
I know you're not guilty here
You sit right down
Close your eyes, shut your mouth
Listen now
The conversation's done
So it's all down to money as it were
He was born
Born innocent

Things never turn out
The way I want them to
But we're all born
To this world

Things never turn out
The way I want them to
But we're all
All born innocent
Take what you can
Take everything you need
But save some for me
Or save it for yourself
Just save it for yourself
-aidan hawken

Max could have told Geoff that Dayton was in Alaska, and he would still gone alone. At least he had Max and Chris to stay with Nancy. He felt safe about leaving. This was something he had to do alone. Pick up Dayton.

They met at a truckstop. It was so hot and humid. It felt like a good day to jump in the river, but he didn't see that happening. Of course, Dayton kept hesitating, like maybe he didn't want to go with him. It was as if maybe he wanted to stay with Ruby, but she was with a pretty good sized Lakota-Sioux with silky black hair down to his waist, and he certainly wasn't bringing Dayton back to his place.

Finally, they were left on their own. Ruby went back to the reservation with Chuck.

"What are you going to do now, beat me up?" were the first words that came out of Dayton's mouth when he got in the truck.

"I was never going to beat you up," Geoff looked at him out of the corner of his eye. "I only held you down because I didn't know what was going on in that freak'n mind of yours. Didn't know if you were gonna hurt me or Nancy."

"Maybe I was just going to hurt myself." Dayton wouldn't look at him.

"Is that what this is about?" Geoff gave him a hard look then.

"No." Dayton winced but Geoff didn't quite believe him.

"Why didn't you call me?" Geoff started up his truck then, thinking they really needed to go somewhere to alone, but he really didn't know where. It just didn't feel right to take him to a cheap motel, especially, if all they were going to do was possibly scream at each other.

"I dunno. Maybe my battery is dead on my phone."

"I left you plenty of messages." Geoff told him.

"You did?" He looked over at him, but then looked away as soon had Geoff noticed.

"I was hoping we could have made up-"

"Maybe I don't want to." Dayton acted as if he might open the door right now and hop out while Geoff was going 70 miles an hour.

"You know, this isn't all about you." Geoff told him straight. "You're not the only one in the picture, you know. "

"I know. Nancy." Dayton sighed as if Geoff had been off having a honeymoon across the states with her.

"No. This isn't about Nancy."

Dayton gave him a wild look. Finally he blinked.

"Its the baby. The baby. There is a baby that needs a family. And you're gonna have to do your part sooner or latter. Do you understand me?" Geoff told him.

Dayton swelled a frown then. He didn't say a thing.


Ivyoaks said...

I really like that song..and I'm glad Geoff went to find Dayton.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder what will happen.

the oaks said...

I'm glad Geoff told him straight about this stuff. Hopefully, Dayton will grow up.

natalie said...

I hope Dayton doesn't actually try to hurt himself, like say by leaping out of the car at high speeds O_O I really hope that he and Geoff can work this out.

dawn said...

finally they're really talking. so glad. dayton needs him. he so does.

i am so discombobulated lately. i miss coming here and catching up with you and your wonderful writing. please know that. i did get to see away we go last night and it made me laugh so hard. and it was so tender and wonderful. gawd....the 3 "s"'s just killed me. NO STROLLERS! haha! hope you are well, my friend. xo