we can be happy

It was done.

Geoff kept smiling. It felt like a plastered smile, somehow. He didn't dare look at Dayton. He couldn't. He might lose it. What if they found a broom closet to make out in and someone found them? No, he couldn't. He wouldn't.

This was Nancy's moment. He wouldn't dare spoil it.

Of course, then he found himself looking for Dayton, and he was no where in sight.

Geoff found himself going through the motions then and the camera snapped photos of them. Raising glasses of ginger ale. Cutting the cake. Feeding each other cake. Really, it was a very small affair by so many standards. Ceiling fans churned the hot air above. Everyone in a state of a small sweat. So many happy faces coming around to shake their hand. Strangers giving them money. Someone had made a yellow quilt blanket for the baby. It was mesmerizing. Geoff felt so happy, yet sick of himself too. As if this was some sort of sham. Is that what it was? He so didn't want it to be. He could hardly take it. Hardly.

"I think we should get out of here soon," he leaned in and whispered in Nancy's ear. She nodded.

The hard part was finding a way to get out of the masses. The floor was thick with people. Where had they all came from? He thought he might pass-out from all the excitement. People were bringing presents.

Chris and Oliver had pulled out a huge circle of chairs around the room. One by one they found their seat. There were the presents behind the circle. Oliver lead Geoff and Nancy to the seats with pink and blue ribbons.

"Its time to open the gifts now," Oliver said.

Geoff looked at the table piled high with white boxes, mostly. He was sure it might take a good three hours to get through them.


e.l. said...

sounds like some regrets for Geoff.

the oaks said...

Very old fashioned, but it really sounds like a delightful wedding in spite of everything.

simon n josh said...

That's a lot of presents!

n a t a l i e said...

I don't think finding Geoff and Dayton in the broom closet together would have gone over well, haha :P Too bad the presents are blocking their escape!

dawn said...

wow, they did it! those big, public affairs like that are just surreal in so many ways. it takes days to come down from that high and then you wonder what just happened?

are you well? we are h-o-t here! summer in all its glory! hope you will get to have some fun this summer and relax a bit! xxoo

Cady said...

What Ellie said.
He seems kind of sad.

Anonymous said...

I hope Geoff feels okay

Anonymous said...

thank's for the info:)