what next

Dayton watched one of Chris' sisters put a pamper on one of Bex's babies.

"Now, you have to change Chloe," she told him.

"Are you serious?" He gave her a dead stare, "Right now?"

Ruby was all of seventeen maybe, and she was an old timer at this. She wasn't like the rest of the bunch, all talk and what not in the nursery at the church. She was somber and looked the type who could mysteriously find ways out of places that anyone else might get stuck in.

Dayton sighed. He had nothing better to do. He just couldn't go in to the reception hall. It would be pure hell. But here he had the kid who looked the most like Oliver blowing bubbles at him.

"Are you gonna be nice?" He talked to Chloe as if she needed to work with him here.

Her big blue eyes stared at him and the instant he pulled the tape off the pamper, Chloe kicked like crazy.

"Now was that nice?"

She kept kicking and cooing, he barely managed to grab the wet pamper before it went off into the floor.

Dayton found himself smiling. He didn't know why. Chloe was funny, full of energy.

"You are just a wild Indian, aren't you?" He tickled her tummy then as he waited for her to slow down, but she didn't.

Ruby handed him a baby wipe.

"But she's really not-" Dayton scowled, thinking did he have to touch a baby's butt with a wet baby wipe. Really, was it necessary?

Ruby gave him the look that he best do what needed to be done. So he did. It was tough, but he managed the pamper over Chloe's chubby legs. Actually, it looked kind of pathetic, but she was hard to keep still.

Ruby finally fixed that and dressed her.

"You have a lot to learn," she told him as if she were the old wise one, and she might be calling him 'grasshopper' any moment now.

"Well, thank you for showing me and fixing it and, you know." He managed to say.

She almost smiled. It was Chris' smile.

He thought she was very shy, he guessed. Maybe it didn't do much good to talk at all. She might think he was crazy, and he knew he liked her for all the false reasons.

He had no idea what he was doing after this. Really, where could he be going after this. It was unnerving and he hated the thought he would be alone. But then he hated the idea that anyone would have to put up with him, either.

He was on the verge of tears, again. He hated how this happened. He'd be fine. Then he wasn't.

"I better get out of here." His eyes were watering. She didn't need to see that. She made him think of Chris. So much. He wished he didn't think of him. God, it was confusing, but she really didn't know what a comfort she was. She'd never know what a comfort she really was to him, just to be in her presences.

Maybe a cigarette would do him some good.


the oaks said...

Dayton is so lost. I liked the way he talked to the baby.

ellie said...

Dayton is really trying here. I think. He just has to stay strong.

n a t a l i e said...

Hahaha... "you have a lot to learn, young grasshopper." That would have been priceless ;) But yes, props to Dayton for trying his best! I hope something good comes his way sooner or later.

sid and violet said...

Dayton and Ruby. hmmm..what could that mean?

the past the point of love said...

I gotta wonder what is really going through Dayton's mind.

Anonymous said...

He does not need a cigarette. That was nice of him to try though

cady said...

Cigarettes cure everything. Except, you know, cancer and stuff.
I like Ruby.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I think i am becoming quite fond of Summer.

dawn said...

this made me smile.....just the innocence of a sweet baby and changing a diaper and learning how to do it and being completely lost but hard to resist a sweet little baby. so cute.