the Wal-mart wedding

Nancy didn't want to spend a lot on a wedding. After all, maybe it could be more of a baby shower than anything. She didn't know as she wondered around Wal-Mart after midnight with Geoff.

They were looking at sundresses. There were some white ones that were very cheep with spaghetti straps and a ruffled skirt. "I probably shouldn't wear white." She said out of the blue.

"Why not?" Geoff shrugged and picked one up.

"Need you ask?" She laughed at him.

"Come on," He put a small in the cart along with an extra large for Bex. "We'll get a pretty pink floral scarves, and you can wrap that around you, along with some pink roses, and I think you'll be set."

"Lets get the yellow for Bex," she said when she saw the huge scarves. "That's her color."

"I really think we can get everything we need under two hundred dollars." Geoff smiled. "And your Mom's getting the cake, and ginger ale."

"There won't be that many people, will there?"

"Did you invite anyone?" Geoff looked at her.

"Just Bex."

"Well, I invited Tony and his daughter."

"You think Dayton will be there?" She winced.

"I think Oliver is set on getting him there." He sighed.

"You think he's OK?" They walked to the shoe department then.

"I guess we'll find out."

She found the bright pink sandals. She had to have those. She got a yellow pair for Bex. "I so love these." She was back on track. This wedding was on.


e.l. said...

Avery practical summer wedding.

simon n josh said...

nothing like Walmart after midnight.

Cady said...

Wow. Nancy and Geoff getting married. Interesting.

n a t a l i e said...

WalMart in the middle of the day is scary enough, but WalMart after midnight?! That must be terrifying! But aww, that's sweet of Nancy to be thinking of Bex too.

Cait said...

Thanks Cady, yeah, strange things happen here..

dawn said...

a walmart wedding...any dream can come true with walmart's help!

how great!