not in the rules

Chris had Chloe to watch during the wedding.

"Are you serious?" Her sister took her right out of his arms. "Now you are going to enjoy that wedding."

"Enjoy?" He winced. What was there to really enjoy? He'd rather have Chloe with him.

"You're very protective. We can watch her, you know." Kelly informed him.

"But, but she gets into everything now. She's so fast." He watched her like a hawk as it was.

"You're so silly," Kelly smiled. "I love that you really are her father, but you need to be there for your friends." She nodded.

"Friends?" He shrugged.

"You know, Dayton." Kelly looked at him blankly. "He needs you more than ever."

"No, he doesn't." Chris nodded as if she'd been mistaken.

"You are his oldest friend. And he needs you."

"How do you know that?" Chris squinted, thinking what else were they saying behind his back.

"Chris," Kelly smiled. "You know he was your first."

Now Chris' eyes lit.


She laughed. "I can see it so clearly now. I figured it out after I watched Slaughter Rule, you had feelings for him. He had them for you. Its just neither of you knew what to do." She was so matter of fact that she made Chris squirm now.

"What movie are you talking about?" Chris wish she hadn't seen it if that's what got her thinking about him and Dayton.

"Its this indie movie with Ryan Gosling. You should really watch it."

Chris rolled his eyes.

"Now, go, will you. Have some fun for me, all right?"

Chris nodded, shoved his hands in his pockets. Now he had no excuse not to sit with Dayton.


Anonymous said...

Nice conversation, I really liked it

fan fic said...

Chris, that would be a little unnerving hearing this about Dayton from his sister.

n a t a l i e said...

Oh- I almost forgot that Chris and Dayton used to be such good friends, that seems like such a long time ago! I wonder what things will be like between the two of them after all that has gone on...

simon n josh said...

What a sister. Poor Chris. It was cute though.

Mimi said...

Poor chris.. Lovely story again!!

dawn said...

aw....chris is always getting reality slaps, isn't he? haha.

how are you? have you started your summer yet? it has been wonderful here. i hope you are enjoying yourself and kicking off your shoes in some warm sun!