today is the first day of the rest of your life

It was real, and it was happening.

The old piano played a haunting melody of the wedding march. Dayton thought he might crack, crumble, choke. Something. But he didn't. He gritted back any urge to cry. He could do this. He could get through this.

Really, Nancy looked a whole lot better than he ever thought she would. How in the hell did she do this? If anyone could see her for what she was, she'd have horns sprouting all over her head and she'd find a way to make that look sexy too, he guessed.

Oliver put his hand around his shoulder then, just in case. Dayton looked back at him, noticing the humidity had made his hair all frizzy and yet that didn't stop him coming as he was. Dayton fidgeted while he listened to an opening prayer from Max.

"Lead us and guard us in the right direction." He ended.

What the fuck was he going on about? Dayton did not know. He felt faint though. Maybe he'd pass-out. Maybe he'd stop the show, but he didn't. It went right on. She said I do. He said I do. Nothing was stopping them. Rings exchanged. Shit, this was the real deal. One moment, Dayton was in a sweat. The next moment his teeth were chattering. He was going to be sick. But he'd have to wait to throw up he guessed. He guessed.


e.l. said...

Aw..Dayton. I love him.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is an interesting perspective.

n a t a l i e said...

Dayton blowing chunks all over the place would certainly be a promising beginning to their marriage....

simon n josh said...

Poor Dayton.

Summer said...

Oh wow! Awesome, start for a new part of life..

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