almost time

Really, Bex thought Dayton looked like Johnny Cash's grandson in that black suit Oliver had him fixed up in. Right down to that old -fashioned tie that was just a thin black ribbon in a loose bow.

Naturally, Bex was already in a sweat. She'd barely got into this cheap cotton sundress they'd told her to put on.

"Really, you look-" She knew Nancy would have to think on this a bit. After all, Nancy looked so sweet in her outfit with her little baby bum. Disgusting, thought Bex. She really should have been a pregnant model for some runway show. "Amazingly sexy."

"Yeah, right." Well, Bex didn't feel it as she pulled the yellow floral scarf around her shoulders. "Lets just get this over with." The sooner the better. She could get out of the sausage suit and back into her pajama pants and tank and get back on that tread mill of her and walk this fat off.

"I really want you to know, I'm glad Oliver's taking care of Dayton," Nancy said in all the sincerity that Bex had ever heard. "I know he's hurting and..and I don't think Dayton will kill me now, thanks to Oliver."

Bex just nodded. Seriously, she didn't know what the hell Oliver was trying to prove. But it was working. Hell, Dayton was just about trained. She guessed. He was saying 'yes, mame', 'please' and that beautiful 'thank you.'

"All right. Fine." Bex sighed. "Can you please get married now?"

There was a full house out there. They better cut that sheet cake in tiny squares or it wasn't going to go very far this afternoon.


the oaks said...

Dayton like Johnny Cash's grandson. I love it!

Ivyoaks said...

I'm excited there are so many at the wedding.

ellie said...

I can just see Dayton in that suit. I know..its not even his wedding..but still..

Cady said...

Hahaha. I love how Bex is so impatient.
"Can you please get married now?"

n a t a l i e said...

I love Bex's cynicism! "She could get out of the sausage suit... and get back on the treadmill and walk this fat off" hahahah that part made me laugh :)