of moons, birds and monsters

Why'd you cut holes in the face of the moon base?
Don't you know about the temperature change
In the cold black shadow?
Are you mad at your walls
Or hoping that an unknown force can repair things for you?
Pardon all the time that you've thrown into your pale grey garden?
If the ship will never come you've got to move along

Even a bird would want a taste of dirt from abyssal dark
The prick of a feather could make a kingdom burn and the bloodshed start
The falling apart
Made me a shadow in the shape of wonder
The waves of black
If she's going under I can hold my breath till the sky comes back
Or drown like a rat, rat, rat
He's a rat!

To catch a monster
We make a movie
Set the tempo
And cut and cut its brains out
It will inspire on the burning pyre
Half the distance
Half the motion
It's easy as the ocean -mgmt

"I don't know if I know how to do this or not?" Really, Dayton didn't know anything about banks.
But this is the way they played. First the banks then the casinos. He thought he got that in the right order.

"You don't have to do anything," she told him. "Just drive the car. Can you drive the fuck'n car?" She was dead serious. She was the meanest. Nancy couldn't hold a light to her. Her nicotine teeth exposed an ugly side of her. A side that was true. A side that meant business.

"Who in the hell are you?" He was coming down. He was a bit dizzy. His heart was already beating fast, and they hadn't done a damn thing, yet.. but set back at that rest stop in the woods. He was beginning to think that laying in the sun on a cement picnic table was looking rather good. So he did it... while she and the other fat black dude, she picked up at a casino, were digging in the trunk of the car.

And suddenly like an awakening, Dayton jerked himself up. "Holy shit!" He threw his cigarette on the ground. "You're Oliver's fuck'n sister, aren't you!"

She aimed a pistol right at him then, and she laughed.


elliestories said...

hahaha..it was told the way I like it.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Dayton made me laugh. Love the song.

sid and violet said...

OMG...are you kidding me? Wow.

natalie said...

I love MGMT....

But WHOA, wait, what? Hold on a minute, a pistol! Ahhh Dayton, what have you gotten yourself into?!

the oaks said...

Oliver's sis! I KNEW IT!

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Oh my!

dawn said...

holy shit! psychopath on the loose! haha!