keep moving on

"Where do you think he'd go?"

Chris looked at Oliver unaware he was actually talking to him.

"Why would I know?" Chris finally croaked.

"You think he's done something stupid, don't you?" Oliver didn't take his eyes off Chris as they both pondered what to do next.

"The cops would think we were nuts if we called, you know." Chris crossed his arms.

"What are you saying, we should just leave this alone?" Oliver winced.

Max had Chloe and they were with Bex back home.

"I dunno." Chris just shook his head. "He was with my sister. I don't know what to think."

"Why would he want to get back at you, Chris. You guys are good." Oliver told him. "He's just a little crazy, you know."

"I know, and he's crazy when he wants to be. Do you know-" Chris squinted hard then. "He could be anywhere."

"You don't think he'd try to kill himself?" Oliver questioned.

"No." Chris didn't want to think that.

Chris sat down in a pew then and pushed his palms in to his eyes and began to cry. "You know, I keep thinking if I could have just you know, tried harder." He shook his head. "Maybe-maybe none of this would have ever happened."

"What are you saying? You have nothing to do with Dayton's reaction to, you know-"

"No." Chris shook his head. "I'm not talking about that. I'm-I'm talking about from before.." He blubbered more tears then.

"Chris, he would have never treated you right. It would have been wrong. Besides, you would have never been Chloe's father then. It all worked out. This'll work out to." Oliver put his arm around him.

"How do you know?" Chris looked over at him.

"I dunno. Just something my mother always said. It'll all work out in the end. You just have to keep believing it." Oliver pressed his hand on Chris' shoulder. "Come on, lets take a drive. We'll see if he finds us."


the oaks said...

poor chris..always thinking its all his fault. I love Oliver's lines.

Cait said...

Thanks for the note Nat. Well, hopefully, it'll be an experience for Dayton. Thanks again.

natalie said...

Awww poor Chris! It's not his fault! He should listen to Oliver and his mom, and hope that everything works itself out!

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

That's kinda sad. I hope they find him.....

e.l. said...

I wish Chris would do that to himself.

e.l. said...

Sorry..I meant wouldn't.

taffy. said...

wait, chris is still with max, yes?

dayton's gone missing...