on the edge

It was going on three days.

Geoff hadn't felt well. Not since the wedding. Nancy was surprised he'd cuddled with her on their wedding night. But she had a feeling now that maybe he needed her more than she needed him.

"He's fine. I just know it." She told him then. She told him now. She just wished Geoff was fine.

"What if he's dead in a ditch somewhere?" Geoff could barely talk as it was.

"He's probably doing it on purpose. You know that," Nancy said. She hated to see Geoff waste all his time on him. She thought of all the things they could be doing. It was just getting hotter outside, and she felt her body stifling. Except the baby kept kicking when Geoff was around and perhaps that was the only thing to help him get through this was the future to look forward too.

Nancy wanted to tell him that this was the way the real Dayton worked. He'd cut you off when ever he damned well pleased. She expected it of him. He hadn't changed. No one could change him.

But to see Geoff so devastated, she felt so sad for him. Really there was nothing she could do for him, but to let him alone. Let the quietness sink in. Ever so often she could hear him sobbing in another room. Was this all there was to look forward too?


dawn said...

I'm so glad that nancy is softening and has compassion for geoff. but i feel so bad for geoff.....poor guy.

wow, your note cait....it really touched me. it's always such a slap in the face to see your past before your very eyes again...the same but different. and all those "what ifs".....
part of being a human being i guess....the what ifs.....
happy 4th, my friend. sending you hugs.

e.l. said...

Oh..Geoff. I hope it won't be as bad as he thinks.

natalie said...

Oh, poor Geoff! I bet he didn't expect this when he decided to marry Nancy. Maybe he's already regretting it... I really hope that Dayton isn't really dead in a ditch somewhere, Geoff would be heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Geoff.