into the big blue

She had whiskey. She had pills. But still it took a while to get numb, and she was really booking it too.

Well, Dayton didn't much care where they were going. Looked like Iowa from what he could tell. Hell, he was already out of the state.

"What were you doing back there?" He grinned, lit another cigarette. This one was much cooler and he was feeling it, man. Feeling something good for the first time. Not that rotten shit that was rotting him away.

Hell, what if he was leaving it all behind? Wasn't he supposed to be at the University tomorrow practicing some crap about being drug free.

"Hahahaaaaaa..." Dayton laughed and laughed.

"What's so damn funny," she finally spoke.

"Nothing." He shook his head. It was so hard to keep the laughter from slipping. He looked out the window then back at her. She looked liked somebody he knew, but who?

"So what were you doing back there?" He asked again.

"I like to see how busy the church gets, sometimes." She sounded vacant. Nothing sweet at all about her voice. Not the way she looked. Not the way she should be. "Who was getting married?"

"My boyfriend, that's who in the fuck was getting hitched. Bastard," he grunted.

"You don't look old enough to know what you want," she said looking him over.

"Believe me, I'm old enough," he looked at her. "OK." He tossed the cigarette out as they left the city limits of Council Bluff's on the interstate going North.

"Yeah, sure you are kid." Her plush lip smirked, and she drove on at full throttle.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, she sounds like an interesting person. Iowa huh?

Anonymous said...


check it out please:)

past the point said...

Hummm..I have my ideas who this could be.

e.l. said...

I hope he isn't over his head with her.

the oaks said...

What had Dayton got himself into?

Katie [The BleuTrumpet] said...

Oh wow. I can't wait to see what happens next!

taffy. said...

Just started reading on the road. I desperately want to go on a road trip or hitchhiking... trip sometime soon.


natalie said...

I can just picture Dayton sitting in that car laughing uncontrollably for no reason at all, and the lady looking at him like he's a lunatic... oh, Dayton, what have you gotten yourself into this time!