bleeding heart

By the time Geoff walked around the church, he just got a whiff of smoke in the air, the street was empty down on the corner. No sign of Dayton.

A chill stung Geoff then in all the sweat he'd felt. He stared down the street thinking he heard tires squealing in the distance. Maybe it wasn't. But it was faint.... and yet he felt as if someone had taken a knife and sliced his heart open.

Geoff knew it was his own damn fault.

"I guess he's gone." He heard Oliver behind him then. "He was doing so well, you know, I thought he was going to be fine."

"Me, too." Geoff felt a lump in his throat. "I should have been easier on him. But he can be such a wise ass, you know."

"Yeah, I know. He's like a graduate of Tough Love or something, and you feel like you have to be just as tough, sometimes." Oliver sighed.

Geoff sucked in a breath.

"I don't want him to do anything he's gonna-" He didn't want to finish that sentence. "You gotta find him Oliver. You have too." He walked back toward the church.

"All right." Oliver put his hand across Geoff's back and walked with him. Geoff felt a bit of comfort. Maybe.


cady said...

"Graduate of Tough Love" . . . aren't we all, in a way.

n a t a l i e said...

Uh oh, I hope that squealing of tires wasn't Dayton getting into trouble with that lady in the car. Why do I have a feeling that it is? D: Hopefully Oliver will find him before anything bad happens.

em said...

I hope nothing bad is going on with Dayton.

sid and violet said...

That's terrible..he just missed him..dang.