Dayton liked to think of it just temporary. This whole thing with Nancy. Perhaps Geoff would see the light somehow soon that this was not the right thing to do. Even if he'd flown off the handle about it. He felt pretty bummed about the fight. It felt like something he and Chris would do. But in the end he felt Nancy had contaminated his life for good.

Meanwhile, he was staying at Tony and Hillary's.

"But what if he does go through with it?" Hillary wasn't exactly being on his side in this even if he was making his famous brownies for her.

"I dunno." He blinked back, "Just don't make me feel, childish and selfish, will you." He was doing his best to keep calm about this. As it was he was knee deep in learning lines for STD commercials. What a way to spend his summer. But at least he was busy, and he tried not to think about Geoff being with Nancy. Really, Geoff couldn't actually be with her. He was just doing her a favor. That's all there was to it. Believing that kept him sane.

"Well, maybe there's a reason." Hillary shrugged.

"Yeah, because I wouldn't." Dayton told her. It was just stupid to him.

"Maybe he wants a family." She winced.

"Of course." As if he didn't know. It didn't make it any easier to swallow. He just couldn't make himself want to sit down and talk about this with Geoff, yet he didn't want anyone else, with him, either. He missed him so much.

"I think you want a family, too." She told him.

He almost winced in tears when she said that. "I just don't want to talk about it, all right." Geoff had to find a way back to reality, didn't he? "He's just trying to save someone, that's all. And then when that's done, then what, huh?" If left an awful fit in the bottom of his stomach. Really, he felt as if his world had been turned upside down. It had never been the same since Nancy. He really hated her. It was true. And now she had his boyfriend. He felt so screwed. Dayton didn't even know what to fight for, anymore.


n a t a l i e said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Dayton and his commercials! Dealing with lines about STDs and the whole Geoff/Nancy thing must be pretty darn stressful :P

e.l. said...

I'm sure Dayton must feel bad on so many levels. I hope he'll still be there for Geoff. I think he will.

Maxie and Tony said...

I feel really sad for Dayton.

Ivyoaks said...

Love and hate. Its like a war in Dayton's heart. Good stuff.

Mimi said...

Poor Dayton!

Anonymous said...

AW I feel bad for Dayton:( And yeah my friend saw the taping of American Idol and said Kris was really good. I didn't even watch the show though, it's kind of funny. I only wanted Adam because I liked his cover of Mad World and Slow Ride.

dawn said...

just makes me wish so hard that dayton would find some peace and happiness. afterall, he deserves that. :(

hope you're well. nothing but rain here. bleh. no good movies out either. double bleh. haha!