is it something that comes natural

Whatever you wanted
What could it be
Did somebody tell you
That you could get it from me,
Is it something that comes natural
Is it easy to say,
Why do you want it,
Who are you anyway?
-Bob Dylan


Nancy heard Dayton's voice carry through the old house. He and Geoff were in another room. The kitchen. She wasn't so sure she was happy yet. Not really. She knew this hurt Dayton. She hadn't meant it too, but she knew he wouldn't believe her.

Why couldn't he be calm about this? Was it all her fault? Really? She winced as she heard their voices low. She strained to hear but wouldn't go. See what was it about. It might have been a pushing match. And she didn't need to be pushed. Not right now.

She'd wait it out. Hope things would simmer down, but a chair scraped the floor in the kitchen. And then she heard the sound of dishes crashing about the floor. Nancy's eyes lit as she listened, wondering what Dayton might do next. What if he came in to her room? What if-

She got up and locked her door then.

Why was he like this? He hadn't changed. Geoff said he had. She didn't believe it now. Nancy shut her eyes tight thinking how it might be if Dayton had a gun. He'd kill somebody. She just knew it. And she'd be the first on his list.

Finally it was quiet. No words. No sounds of a scuffle. Nancy took a deep breath and unlocked her bedroom door and took a step out down the hall toward the kitchen. She peaked around the corner to see Geoff had Dayton wrestled to the floor in a choke hold of some kind. Both were breathing hard. It seemed to be a stale mate, perhaps. Nancy knew it wasn't over. Couldn't be.

"He's leaving." Geoff told her, but he didn't let go of Dayton who was motionless now, but he breathed hard like some feral animal. Nancy backed away. She hoped Geoff knew what he was doing.


n a t a l i e said...

Awwww, I feel so bad for poor Dayton, he's been through so much, and now this... Why can't they all just be happy? :P Hopefully he wouldn't really get a gun and start going on a killing spree... I don't think he would...

Anonymous said...

oh! i love the lyric at the top:) aw dayton:(

blue hearts said...

That has to be my favorite Bob Dylan song that I hear last night on Southland by Willie Nelson. Just thought that part fit the moment in the scene.

ellie said...

I liked the fact we didn't actually see them fighting and what was said..but still we get the message.

dawn said...

wow! powerful stuff. beautifully written too.