there is a place

Max was frazzled. He'd had a 12 hour shift before his two sermons Easter Sunday. Then going to Chris' family Easter dinner was no picnic. He had to be up on his game, so to speak. Naturally, all those sisters of Chris' laughed at about anything he had to say. They kept him smiling.

The men on the other hand, well, it was a little odd. They really didn't want to have anything to do with him. Which was just fine with Chris.

"You wouldn't want to go hunting with them, anyway," Chris told him. "Its amazing no one has gotten hurt yet."

"Why do you say that?"

"If its not the alcohol, its the bickering and they're lazy." Chris summed it up. He wouldn't be caught out on a hunt with them.

"But its Easter, they wouldn't be out to kill a bunny, would they?" Chris was frightening him about these men his sisters were married too.

"Oh, they'll kill anything that moves. Stan's a taxidermist."

"I didn't know they did that anymore." Max just said then on their drive home that day from the dinner.

And soon after that he napped until he had to go to work at the hospital. As it was, he had an hour to come up with a sermon for next week. It was quiet time. Chris was out with Chloe and the time was ticking. And nothing. Nothing.

Maybe it was the slight threat that some day someone would open their mouth about him and Chris and they'd tell them to move to Iowa so they could get married, and they could just stay in that gay lov'n state. A part of him wondered if he and Chris should make the move. Of course, Iowa wasn't marrying anyone quite yet. He was sure some would put a stop to it before it ever actually happened. It was riling up some religious leaders there as well as here. Max had to wonder just how long Iowa could have same sex marriages.

Did they get out now before anything bad happened. What if somebody burned the church? Maybe it was time find another preacher to take his place. Perhaps he didn't justify being a pastor. Perhaps someone could come in here and get the ball rolling on so many projects needed.

It was getting to Max. Perhaps Serenity wasn't what he'd hoped it would be.


gossip guy said...

I wish Max knew he shouldn't feel so unsure of things.

ellie said...

His worries are real.

N a t a l i e. said...

Poor Max, that certainly is very frazzling (whoa, frazzling is actually a real word? awesome!)... he has to deal with the worries about Iowa on top of everything else :P