a choice

Oliver was glad Bex was back on her feet. Well, she didn't have to lug around in those boots. Not that she was ready for a marathon, but still it was great to see her legs.

"Are they too pale?" She sat with them sticking straight out on the livingroom couch.

"Kind of hard to tell," He had to stop himself from laughing. "You gotta forest growing down here."

He got out something that was suppose to take the hair off legs. It was a bit like sand paper. He'd gotten it for 9.99 at Walgreen's. Of course, he rubbed her ankle for a bit and nothing. Nothing really happened except to dry her leg out more.

"I think we'll stick with what we got." He sighed.

Oliver imagined taking a bath with Bex just to shave her legs then. Only he couldn't say he could actually reach her legs to shave them if he was sitting behind her. It was best just to get a wash cloth and some warm water. Find his shaving cream and get to work.

So after getting the essential laid out. He went to work on her ankles.

"That tickles." Naturally, she was jumpy.

"Just hold still." He looked up at her, thinking she might kick him in the face. Wouldn't that be lovely? A trip to the hospital. And what would she say. 'I kicked my husband when he tired to shave my legs.'

At this point, Oliver thought anything was possible.

Finally she relaxed, and she didn't watch so he could get the legs shaved.

"Beautiful," he said afterwards. "Just beautiful."

"Really?" She took a peak then.

"Of course."

"Honestly, you are a jack of all trades." She told him. "How did I get so lucky?"

Oliver looked at her dreamily. He was sure he wouldn't be doing half of this stuff if it hadn't been for her. Naturally, he couldn't say it was out of inspiration. Just out of problems that came up, and he did his best to solve them.

Oliver yawned then.

"I think you should go to bed early." She shrugged. "I can heat myself up some leftovers. Make myself a sandwich."

'I know, but let me, OK. Then we can go to bed together." He got up then to put the wash cloth in the hamper and shaving cream and razor in the bathroom. "I just want to do as many things with you as possible." Somehow, that never got old to him.


ellie said...

He's the best. I love his character.

the oaks said...

that's cool..how he might not have been so if it hadn't been for Bex.

dawn said...

aw...how romantic and sweet. and bex is able to allow it too. she's come a long way.

i hope you are well. i'm sure things are winding up for you this spring. the soloist is coming out the 24th. i bet you already knew that! :) i know i will be catching that for sure.

N a t a l i e. said...


It's kinda funny how Oliver can be so sweet and romantic just by doing something like shaving legs (;