at the moment

Geoff was amazed that Dayton was keeping his cool about this. Of course, it meant for him taking a day off of school to get this all situated with Nancy. As it was her parents were kind of cool about everything. Of course, there was a lot they didn't know. Perhaps the fact that Nancy and Dayton weren't really together. Perhaps the gradual realization would come, but at the moment, all was calm. Everything needed to be calm.

She was going to stay with her parents for a while since she really need someone to look after her to keep her on bed rest for a while. Geoff was just there to help move her stuff out of her place to put in storage for the most part.

"Maybe now I can find all my games," Dayton mentioned to Geoff.

"That's the only thing on your mind right now?" Geoff wasn't sure to laugh or be pissed. As it was Dayton wasn't talking much about Nancy's baby at all.

"Shit no, I got that commercial to do, you know." He looked at Geoff.

"Oh, yeah, that's right." Geoff loaded more boxes into the bed of his pick-up truck. Dayton lifted boxes too. They worked for another hour or so in silence getting all over to the storage place.

"So why did you really, say what you said to Nancy?" Geoff wanted to know on their drive home.

"Maybe I don't want to be right anymore, OK." Dayton told him. "I don't want it to be my fault that something happens to Nancy. Actually, I never even thought about it like that. I didn't."

"She's probably not taking care of herself," Geoff told him. "That's probably the real reason why she's not doing well."

"She certainly never took care of herself when I was around, that's for sure." Dayton shrugged. "She liked to go to clubs and get drunk and be an idiot. Then throw up. I can't think of her eating anything like you make me eat."

"What a pair you two make." Geoff looked over at Dayton and smirked a bit.

"No. No.. don't say that. Don't go there." Dayton shook his head.

"Maybe she can move in with us when school is out." Geoff said.

"What?" Dayton winced.

"Well, her folks think you two are still together, you know." Geoff shot him a look.

"God, are you crazy?" Dayton squinted hard.

"Maybe by that time, her parents will know everything and well, we can be there when the baby comes." Geoff was serious.

"That sounds like a real nightmare to me."

"So you want to just move in with her at her parents?"

"No." Dayton grimaced.

"That's the best I can come up with at the moment." Geoff took their turn down the farm road then. It wouldn't be long til they got hom.


simon n josh said...

Dayton makes me laugh.

the oaks said...

Nice of them to at least put her stuff in storage.

ellie said...

Oh, Dayton. He's so Dayton.