a gift at hand

Oliver couldn't help it. After all, it was Miranda's birthday. He had to do something. It was simple on a small square sized block of wood. He'd painted two cherries. Sort of a Mary Engelbrett kind of thing. But not really.

He liked it for the most part as he stared at it on the back porch. It was nice to do something with his hands.

"What's that?" Bex almost made him jump when she came outside in her big crutch boots. Those were coming off soon. Possibly, everything would be back to normal.

"Oh, nothing." He shrugged.

"Yes it is." She had to have a look at it there on the chair drying.

"Its for Miranda."


"Didn't you see her birthday on the calender." He looked up at her.


"She always makes birthday cakes and goodies for everyone. I just thought I'd make her something she could put in her kitchen or her bathroom." He sighed.

"I see." She hugged herself then.

"That's all right, isn't it?" He didn't think he'd have to ask her for permission.

"I guess." She looked sad then. "You know, we didn't do much for your birthday back in January."

"We didn't do much for yours, either." He reminded her.

"Its all Dayton's fault." She blamed then.

Oliver just smiled, and he took her hand then.

"I think we have a to celebrate once you are heeled up properly." He meant about her ankles.

"Yeah, so I can start exercising." She sighed.

"Don't think so negative." He stared at her intently. "We'll celebrate, and then we'll start getting the room ready. Just wish I knew the best color. I'd like to incorporate a mural some kind. But what would it be? A Castle? Perhaps a forest or a field of sunflowers?"

"You're making me tired just talking about it." She told him with a smile.

"You need to start looking through catalogues, for cribs, and everything." He told her, but he had a pretty good idea she was waiting for a gift of such a thing from her parents.

"I'll have to call Dad," she said.

"Maybe you should." Oliver nodded. It would be quite futile to call her mother.


Roxy Motion said...

murals are awesome. i wonder what they'll come up with. :)

taffy. said...

sunflowers would be gorgeous.

N a t a l i e. said...

Aw, the wood with the cherries sounds like a nice little gift [:

And yes, sunflowers would be splendid! :D

ellie said...

I'd like some of Oliver's gifts...=D