the day is coming

Chris was a little nausea. Not that he was actually sick. Just the thought that his mother wanted them over for Easter.

"Well, Max might have plans." Easter services. That sort of thing. He would be busy. And the fact Chris would have to see his father. Not that they'd had a real conversation in a decade or two, but why now?

"Surely, you can come to dinner. You can at least do that. All your sisters will be there with their families. You should bring yours too." She'd told him at their little gathering.

Chris was shocked that she'd referred to him actually having a family. Max, Chloe and himself. He couldn't say no. Now it just scared him. How was his sisters' husbands going to take Max.

"Well, he'll be the best looking one in the bunch." His mother had just smiled about the matter. "Don't be so worried. I'm sure it'll go fine. They aren't animals."

Chris begged to differ. They were the hunters. Men, his father admired. They were after all bread winners in the blue collar sense. They could all build a house in a moments notice. One was doing well with his plumbing business. Another was an electrician. These were guys who'd rather celebrate the Superbowl than Easter, anyday. It gave Chris enough for a panic attack.

"We could just do what we normally do on a Sunday." Chris didn't want to go.

"No," Max shook his head. "We have to go. You have to be confident. It'll be great."

"But aren't you preaching like two sermons that day?" Chris didn't think he'd be up for it. They could just have some ham and deviled eggs then take a nap.

"Believe me, I'm excited. I want to meet the rest of your family." Max told him. After all, Chris had met Max's dad only the 'gay' factor had not been mentioned. "We are totally doing this." Max was all smiles about it.

Chris was kind of hoping his allergies might sit in, and he could spend the day nursing a runny a nose at home.

"It'll be complete sunshine all the way." Max was happy. Laughing all the while about the notion that Chris' family was his family now.

"Don't be so happy while we're there." Chris told him. "All right, men in the family are not happy. We aren't suppose to be happy. Got that."

"We'll see." Max just smiled about it. He gave Chris a pat on the back. He wasn't so sure he really wanted his father to know he had a boyfriend. His mother hadn't mentioned she'd told him, but he had a feeling he knew. He had too with all his sisters talking about Max.


ellie said...

Chris' anxieties..he's sweet.

simon n josh said...

aw..that'll be great. Easter with Max & Chris' family.

taffy. said...

i don't know if i'm worried for max or not.