out there somewhere

It was rise and shine time. No way was Dayton letting Geoff see Nancy alone. He got up early, made coffee. Had one of his brownies and just smiled. God damn-it, he wasn't going to let this get to him.

"My you're chipper this morning," Geoff came in to the kitchen just in his black boxers to get himself some coffee. "This have anything to do with the fact we can now move to Iowa and get married?"

"Seriously?" Dayton squinted.

"Yeah, it was all over the news, you know." Geoff kept grinning.

"Damn, why didn't I watch the news last night?" He sipped his coffee while Geoff put a little milk in his.

"I think you were playing a video game. You know, trying to get your mind off things," Geoff said taking a sip of his coffee then.

"So if we do get married-"

"They'd only recognize us as a married couple there, not here in Nebraska." Geoff nursed his bottom lip, "And I have a feeling it'll all get over turned in a month or two. You'd think by some it was the saddest day in history to date, but on the other hand."

"I hate politics." Dayton just said.

"And Nancy." Geoff grinned.

"Yeah, you won't let me forget that, will you?" Dayton stared back at him.

"She doesn't want to keep the baby." Geoff said straight out. "And, and now's a chance I could possibly feel what its like to be a father."

Dayton just winced. He knew Geoff would make a great Dad. But Nancy's baby? It just gave him a sick feeling. Dayton wasn't even sure he could even look at Nancy's baby.

"Couldn't you find some other baby?" He guessed it would be a long waiting list to find one in some other country.

"All I want is to give back a little happiness to this baby that I know doesn't exactly have a happy mother at the moment. If she's in a better mood and she feels safe, then it gives that child a chance to a better beginning." Geoff explained.

Dayton couldn't muster up a smile at that. "Well, I'm going with you. We'll just see how happy Nancy is about that."

"You can't go with that kind of attitude. You need to be on my side about this." Geoff nodded.

"OK." Dayton found himself saying. He wanted do whatever it was to make Geoff happy. he was sure of it now. He really did love him.


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ellie said...

maybe Dayton is grow'n up yet.

just a moment said...

aw that's sweet.

taffy. said...

nancy's baby?

ivy's closet said...

Cool about Dayton's attitude.

dawn said...

catching up on the last few days of chapters. i love the way the direction you're going these days. there is a peace and fluidity about the characters. so nice.

hope you are well! spring has definitely sprung. hope it has for you also.