about that

Geoff just stared at the brownies after Dayton was done. Their was a layer of half melted marshmallow on top of the brownies then the chocolate gooey stuff on top of that.

"Now we put them in the fridge." Dayton told him.

"We have to eat them cold?" Geoff hadn't expected that.

"Yeah, that's the only way to eat brownies." Dayton nodded.

"Not where I come from." Geoff just smiled.

They messed around a bit in front of the fridge, close to the sink. It was part a wrestling match which ended up Geoff licking the chocolate icing off Dayton's fingers.

Geoff hated to tell him he had plans on his next grocery shopping trip with Nancy. That would definitely spoil their moment by the kitchen window kissing.

"What did you put in that chocolate?" Geoff teased.

"I'm not telling," Dayton goofed around more while Geoff tickled his ribs and before he knew it they were kissing again. So much for getting the essays graded.

Finally they settled on the couch after a bit more wrestling.

"Look I need to tell you something." Geoff sighed thinking this would end badly.

"What? Somebody blackmailing you in class?" Dayton was serious.

"No," Geoff cracked up. He tried to keep a serious look then. "I'm meeting Nancy."

"Nancy?" Dayton's eyes lit.

"Yeah, its about the baby."

"What about the baby?" Dayton's face tensed then. He folded his arms around him then.

"See, she came to the meeting at the church and well, we've talked." Geoff told him.

"Does she even know who you really are? Does she know you're with me?" Dayton wanted to know.

"You haven't actually came up." Geoff looked away then.

"What?" Dayton was cross now. "What do you mean I haven't came up?"

Geoff didn't know what to tell him. Maybe he'd been a liar, Geoff thought of himself now, and didn't even know it.


ellie said...

this could mean trouble.

N a t a l i e. said...

Cold brownies? Haha, ridiculous! I find the best part is when they're still ooey goeey and warm fresh out of the oven, but whatever Dayton [;

Uh oh... they were having such a good time, I don't want the whole Nancy ordeal to spoil everything D:

taffy. said...

nancy messes up EVERYTHING!