Dayton had a need for chocolate. Not sure why this hankering had came over him, but he'd found a brownie mix in the bottom drawer of the kitchen and thought he could figure out the pictures on the back, enough, so he could make brownies.

But why not add chocolate chips and marshmallows?

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Geoff asked who was in the middle of grading essay questions from his art classes at the kitchen table.

"We'll find out, won't we?" He reached for the Canola oil then and an egg in the fridge and went to work.

The storm was over, but the weatherman was still on about where it was going. And did that tornado really touch down. As if somebody would lie about seeing one. He thought of the guy who's pickup flipped on a farm road not so far from here.. "It was coming right at me," he'd said.

Dayton didn't want to say he was troubled by bad weather. He just felt like keeping busy. Wasn't going to think about that woman, either, who might find him work on those commercials.

He'd joked about it with Geoff. But that was it. He wasn't banking on winning many over. He definitely didn't have the charm. He might as well be playing the dead in the water. He was stiff like that, he thought. Now that might be a very cool horror movie. Dayton smiled just thinking about it.

He liked the batter off his finger then.

"You could sick that way," Geoff reminded him.

Dayton looked back at Geoff with a wince. How would Geoff know, Dayton thought. with his finger still in his mouth. He's grading papers.

Dayton put the batter in a greased glass dish and put them in the oven. Now he had to decide when to microwave the chocolate chips and add the marshmallows. Timing was everything when it came to cooking. Or so he guessed. He couldn't remember the last time he dreamed up such a concoction. Maybe when he was twelve or so. He liked taking what he could in the kitchen and mixing it up. Lord knows, he lived with a bunch who went to the store every two weeks and by the end, you were on your own kid before the next trip the grocery store. Which meant lots of ramen top noodles.

Dayton was looking for peanut-butter to mix with the chocolate chips.

"You know, I should start going grocery shopping with you. I really want too." Dayton told Geoff.
Geoff just looked back at him with his glasses on as if had to be kidding. "Really?"

"Yeah, I don't know much about them."

"That's why you didn't want to go?"

"Yeah, I never went with my Mom. Not that I recall. It seems I did theater under her skirt and her wrap around skirt almost came off. I was probably about three then and well, no grocery shopping for me, after that."

"I had no idea." Geoff grinned.

Dayton went back to his chocolate chips and warmed them in the microwave with the peanut-butter. He smiled to himself. No telling what he might be making in the kitchen if just given the chance.


Shadow Gunslinger said...

Dayton's cooking now? Well, that's not what I expected...

taffy. said...

that sounds unbelievably delicious.

blue hearts said...

they are amazingingly delicious..this mess comes from my brother and my boyfriend. They both have a need for chocolate from time to time.

dawn said...

okay, i'm ready to eat my hand right about now. you're killing me with this chocolate AND peanut butter AND chocolate chips etc.... stop!

hey, did i tell you that i went to see doubt finally last weekend? have you seen it? if not, must go. seriously. so excellent.

and the soloist is coming out the end of april also. another must see. have you read that book?
hope you're doing well, cait. sending good thoughts your way.

Ivyoaks said...


Ivyoaks said...

Dayton is just full of surprises.

ellie said...

Hey..that was my line. He's so cute in the kitchen.