stormy weather

They didn't even get the brunt of the storm. Actually the winds were bad, or had been bad. Then the rain came with the pea sized hail. After that was over, Oliver took Bex home.

It was there at the house that he saw the real damage. The tree out front came down right on the drive way.

"See, it was a good thing we were at the library." He looked at Bex.

"I don't know if I can take this," Bex shook her head. "I thought I could handle it, you know."

"Well, you can't quit now," Oliver said. "You can't."

They got out the car and just looked at the mess.

"It found the perfect spot to fall." Oliver sighed as he picked up a twig while they made their way into the house. Of course, there was no power.

It was still light out and rather mild now. It wouldn't be so bad, thought Oliver. Of course, Bex stayed anchored in the middle of the livingroom while he went to round up candles and flashlights.

"Now, I wish we'd stayed at the library." She hugged herself.

"Why don't you call Max and see if they have power." Really, he didn't want to go anywhere. It was best to wait it out. There was chicken salad in the fridge along with cut up carrots and celery. They could have a picnic right here in the livingroom floor. Of course, Oliver supposed he wouldn't be getting Bex in the floor. He might never get her back up again.

She at least wasn't fuming about the power outage.

He lit a few candles around.

"I don't want the house to burn down." She said quietly.

"Do you want to just sit in the dark then?" He knew she wouldn't like that either.

Finally she called Max while Oliver made sandwiches.

"They have power." She said after she got off her cell.

"Then it must not be as a big nor as bad as we thought."

"But a tornado did touch down." She told him.

"Yeah, it might still take a while to really verify it." He didn't know why it was so important when after all there was still a mess to clean up. He handed her a sandwich on a paper plate then.

"Do you remember what happen to those kids last year in Council Bluffs?" She asked.

"The ones who thought they could get away from the storm and the tree fell on the car when they got in it?" Oliver remembered. It ended badly. The jaws of life was involved just to get a girl out from under her dead brother.

Bex nodded as she ate at her sandwich.

"I still just gets to me." She shrugged.

"I don't think they knew the storm was that bad, you know." Oliver reminded her.

"Yeah," She started to cry and almost choked on her sandwich. She put it down. "Just its still March, and I have all the way to July to go. I hope. And I know there will be worse storms. There always is."

"Just take one day at a time." Oliver put down his sandwich as they sat on the couch in the romantic light. He put his arm around her. "That's all you can do." He slid his finger under chin then and tugged her closer. They kissed which was the beginning to more slow kisses. Definitely, they need to make more time for this. Everyday.


taffy. said...


but hey, at least now they have time?

ellie said...

I'm glad Oliver is so Oliver.

blue hearts said...

tornado, taffy...tornado..we are in the heartland..after all..but I'm sure where you live..its almost like that with the hurricanes.

simon n josh said...

sweet moment. i like the new header too.

fan fic said...

I think they'll be stronger because of everything they go through together.

N a t a l i e. said...

I love the new header thingymabobsy!

Oh my gosh, that sounds terrible about the jaws of life/dead brother story. I'm so glad that there's not really much of a tornado threat around here, although when we got the remnants of a hurricane everything was pretty torn up...

dawn said...

so sweet.