same old drill

Bex didn't let go. She felt her breath change instantly when she heard the sirens. She didn't even know when she started hyperventilating. It was crazy.

"Maybe you could just get to the restroom with the other ladies, and I'll make sure no one is out in the stacks." Oliver looked at her as if she needed to let go of his hand. Bex shook her head.

Naturally, she held him back as he was trying to hurry to make sure everyone followed procedure. Of course, Mrs. Colby didn't want to leave the booksale room.

"Come on, it'll be fun." Oliver told her as if the best snacks were in the ladies restroom. Afterall, Miranda had made her famous chocolate chip cookies. There was left over juice from the kids' program too. Miranda told everyone to come and get some.

Then there was the kid in the young adult area who was still doodling on the wall with the magic markers.

"Come on, as long as you're here, its mandatory." Oliver told the teenage boy. So with that everyone headed for the restrooms.

Only Bex could hardly hear what was actually going on. Just her racing heart beat prevailed. She was starting to shake. She didn't know why she was overcome with this. She didn't mean to feel this way.

It didn't help that Miranda wanted her with the women in the women's restroom. "I can't. I have to be with Oliver. I have too."

Oliver told them it would be all right. There weren't that many males as it was. Oliver took the radio that Miranda gave him and they scooted into the bathroom.

"Its going to be OK." Oliver kept telling Bex. He'd wrapped his arms around her. She'd so wanted to be stronger than this, but she caught the teenage boy looking at them.

"What?" She said it as if she would have said, scat. "We're married, you know." She just stared right back at him. She wanted to be with Oliver, and she didn't care if the urinal smell was ghastly. She had to be with Oliver.


taffy. said...

i'm glad they're still in love.
what's going on?

blue hearts said...

It a tornado, Taffy.

ellie said...

Thats what we have to do at our library. Gotta wonder how safe that actually is..but thats our lib...where there is a tornado warning.

dawn said...

oh my gosh....you know it's gotta be real if she can endure the urinal smell! haha!