some way

All these books were making Dayton tired. Really, it had gotten him no where. It was frustrating. Absolutely.

He didn't want to care, but he knew he had too. Somehow. Geoff was expecting him to figure it out.

Geoff handed him a glass of red wine, after dinner.

"Really, you need to take your mind off of this," Geoff told him.

"Yeah, I know, but when I think about what Tony said," Dayton sighed. "Is he all right?"

"I guess." Geoff just smiled. "He's just trying to do a number on you, that's all. First thing is just to take a few classes, just get the regular stuff out of the way, who knows, maybe you'll want to go into journalism or something."

"Journalism? No." He shook his head, no. "No writing for me of any kind if I can help. Hell, I don't think I've got it in me to sit through a class and dare write a paper on anything. I don't know how. I don't want to know how."

"OK, well there are test you can take." Geoff told him.

"Test?" This made his head hurt just to think about test.

"You know, see what you're good at." Geoff squeesed his shoulder as Dayton took a gulp of wine. "Easy there, you don't need to get wired."

Dayton bit his bottom lip then as he put the wine glass down.

"I feel really stupid," Dayton said. "I always have."

Geoff put his wine glass down then too, and put his arm around Dayton's shoulder.

"But you're not," Geoff told him. Dayton slightly nodded. He wanted to believe him. He did, but there were just too many stupid things he had done that there was no way he could forget. Like Nancy. Faking his relationship with Bex.

It was hard to look into the future with such beggage to carry around.

Geoff touched his face then and they kissed. It was the best thing that had happened today. Being here with Geoff. Dayton couldn't help but want that everyday. And just maybe it was Geoff who made him smart. No one else could do that.


cady x said...

This was so sweet. I really liked this.

the oaks said...

Poor Dayton. Maybe he'll get smart with Geoff.

ellie said...

From beer to red wine...I'm impressed!

simon n josh said...