ready when you are

Chris was changing Chloe's pamper. He noticed a rash on her butt.

"Come and look at this." Chris needed Max's opinion.

Chloe wasn't in the least of pain. She was kicking away as if she enjoyed the freedom of no pamper.

"Its just winter." Max told him. "Maybe just going without a pamper for a bit would do the trick."

"Really?" Chris wasn't sure he was sold on that idea. He could just see some authority checking up on them, saying it was 'unfit'. "Well, OK, just a little, but I'm putting that butt cream on her that my sister gave me. She really believes in that stuff."

"Yeah, well, she'll be OK."

"Yeah, until she wets the bed and then what?" Chris had just changed the sheets while she was in her swing. Really, he didn't believe in those things, either. Of course, Max informed him long ago that he held her too much. He just couldn't help it.

"You have a point." Max shrugged watching Chris slather the stinky cream all over her bottom and then put the pamper on. She seemed happy about it as her big blue berry eyes studied both of them. "Oh, I just got off the phone with Bex. She's invited us over for dinner."

"Oh." Chris nodded, going to wash his hands in the bathroom. "Just us?"

"I guess." Max sighed. "I forgot, Geoff had his first meeting at the church for his group. Just one person showed up."

"Oh yeah," Chris went to look at Chloe again. She was making all sorts of babble. He just smiled and cradled her blond head a bit.

"Yeah, it was just Nancy." Max crossed his arms.


"You know, she's pregnant." Max nodded.

Chris didn't know. Maybe Max had said, but it hadn't really stuck.

"You think its Dayton's?"

"He says its not, or so Geoff says."

"Hum, what if he's gonna be Daddy?" Chris thought that might be interesting. Deep down, he sort of hoped it was true. Perhaps it would be the best thing to ever happen to Dayton.

"I think Geoff would like to be one, though." Max smiled. "He was really interested in the possibility about maybe adopting Nancy's baby."

"I dunno." Chris shook his head. "I mean, if it isn't Dayton's, I just don't see him wanting to be a part of it, you know. Even if it was his, I gotta wonder if he'd, you know, want it."

"Yeah, I think Dayton's got some growing up to do. Something like that, you can't rush it until you want too." Max picked up Chloe then.

Chris smiled. Max could tell him he held Chloe too much, all he wanted, but the fact remained, Max just wanted to hold her just as much too.


cady x said...

It's good that Chloe is so loved.

ellie said...

LOL about the butt creme.

dawn said...

so sweet! it's like two men and a baby. they turn to mush when they're around cute little babies. it's adorable. i guess we all go googly over babies. adults never seem to mind acting like fools when it involves infants with little chubby hands and feet. sheeeeesh...i'm going all googly just writing this comment! hehe. hope you're having a fantastic week!

simon n josh said...

I'm glad they have Chloe.

the oaks said...

I think she has them wrapped around her little finger..already.