more like an after thought

"You actually had a conversation with him?" Bex couldn't believe it. Dinner was over and Oliver hadn't brought up Dayton until after the dishes were done.

"Its kind of my job to talk to people that come in to the library," Oliver squinted. Of course, he didn't have on his library clothes, now just his flannel plaid pants and her pink 'fatigued' t-shirt.

"Well, couldn't you have avoided it, somehow?" Bex wasn't comfortable with this. What sort of trouble was Dayton starting up now.

"Relax, it was fine. He's fine." Oliver just looked at her as if she was over reacting. Maybe she was.

"What did he say?" She found her knitting to work on then. It always looked better though, after Oliver was done with it.

"He didn't ask about you." Oliver shrugged as he plopped himself down on the sofa next to her

"Really?" This didn't seem right.

"Don't look so hurt about it," Oliver smiled. They were quiet then as he thumbed through a magazine, and she started to knit the yellow baby blanket.

"Did you know Dayton's family were Mormon?" Oliver just said not even looking over at Bex.

"What?" Bex looked up at him.

"That's funny, you live with this guy for how long, and something like that never came up?"

Bex's face swelled in a small frown then. "It just didn't come up, all right."

"OK." He shrugged looking at pictures of rustic cabins in the woods.

"I swear, " she looked at him then. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were friends with Dayton now."

Oliver just smiled and shook his head. She was sure he was just doing that for her benefit.


the oaks said...

Bex is so Bex.

simon n josh said...

I wonder if bex will be jealous.

ellie said...

Bex and her questions. I can just see Oliver smiling.