he didn't

Geoff got a call from Nancy. It was the last thing he expected. He'd forgotten he'd given her his phone number.

"Maybe we could just get together for coffee some time." She'd said, but he didn't see how. How could he without.....

Dayton came to mind.

"We'll figure something out." There was a Starbucks in Hy-Vee. Maybe they could meet on an early Saturday morning while he was grocery shopping, something Dayton hated to do. "Is everything OK?"

"I'm fine."

"Good, so did you talk to the doctor about seeing if you could have a regular birth instead of a mandatory C-section?" He knew this had been on her mind.

"Yeah, but I think he still wants me to have a C-section just because he doesn't want to take any chances. Maybe he's right, I guess." She sounded restless when she spoke of it.

"But everything else is OK. You're still working and everything?"

"I have too." She sounded discouraged though.

"What's wrong at work?" Geoff wanted to know. He had a feeling no one else did want to know.

"Its just the looks. I'm starting to show. I get the impression nobody likes me." She did sound blue.

"I'm sure that's not the case," Geoff did his best to sound upbeat. "Do you ever call home?"

"I'm not looking forward to that."

"You haven't talked to them about this?"

"No." He could barely hear her now.

"Nancy, don't you think you should?" Geoff hadn't realised just how alone she was. He didn't know how much he wanted to help her until now.


Ivyoaks said...

Geoff..just has this soft spot. That's what I love about him.

N a t a l i e. said...

Aww, props to Geoff for thinking of Nancy, as much as everyone else dislikes her. She must be pretty lonely... Geoff is so helpful to everyone!

About the previous post:

hahaha, Kitty Jones reminds me of a porn star too ;D But it does remind me of all the odd names reporters seem to have, like the woman on my local news is named Darieth Chisom. Darieth? That must suck. And ohh! Dayton shirtless on a commercial? This I've got to see! :D

ellie said...

Will Geoff save Nancy? I dunno about this.

simon n josh said...

I hope she's not quicksand, you know.