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Chloe had this effect on Chris' sisters. They went gaga. He supposed.

They were all there waiting for him at the house when he came home from work. His mother too.

"What is this?" He didn't even know how they got in. It was a livingroom full of balloons and a ribbons and so many presents. He'd expected handouts but not a party with gifts, everywhere.

"We know how you are," His sister Carrie said. "You'll never dress her up like a girl."

So with that they took Chloe from him and went to put a new outfit on her. Chris wasn't sure if he liked this. What would Max think when he came home? All his sisters there dressing Chloe up like a doll.

It wasn't long til she was fussing and wanting him. He went to the rescue.

"See, she doesn't like this stuff." He slightly pouted removing her from their hands, trying to make the bow stick in her hair. Of course, they'd took plenty of snapshots as it was.

"Thats because you never dress her up," another sister, Jill said.

"She likes to be comfortable." He looked at all of them. "She does."

"I bet you never take her anywhere." Jess his older sister informed them.

"We do too. Max and I take her to the zoo. We do things with her. She loves the park and the museums." He winced. None of them knew him. They just knew what they expected of him. He didn't like being their brother, and it was hard to enjoy so much sudden enthusiem from them. He just couldn't trust it.

"Oh, how is your, man, by the way?" Karen, the sister who had met Max, giggled.

That left Chris with a grumbled. He didn't want them talking about Max like that.

"He's just fine." Chris said hugging up Chloe as if she might be in danger of becoming one of them.

Finally Max arrived which gave way to a wave of laughter. Chris could imagine them having a sheer delightful moment if Max stripped for him. He could see his sisters asking him. They'd get him drunk and expect him to perform. It just made Chris mad at the thought.

"Am I missing something?" Max just smiled at all of them gathered in Chloe's room.

They giggled more. It broke up once Chris' mother told them that the stew was ready.


Cait said...

Cate- a note for you..hope you are ok. I hope you'll blog sometime in the future. You really had so many fans.

Thanks for reading & commenting on my blog. Email me if you want. meganwaits@gmail.com

Cate said...

Thank you Cait. I emailed you.

About the last chapter: Damn, am I starting to like Nancy? no, not quite. But I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for her.

Ha, I know a good many people who go totally gaga over a little kid.
I'm so sorry for Chris that he doesn't like being their brother.
But it's so cute that Max and him take Chloe places. I bet she really likes it too.
I'm sure that Chris's sisters don't have thoughts as bad as Chris thinks. But I do hat ethis kind of "giggling" behaviour.

Roxy Motion said...

so, wait, chris and max are a couple? lol. i'm confused.

thanks for the note. yeah, some of kerli's stuff is okay. not the biggest fan of hers. i do like some of her clothes though. lol.

ellie said...

I liked their talk.

blue hearts said...


Max & Chris are a couple. Geoff & Dayton are a couple & Oliver and Bex are married.