forget about it

Max felt he should be there for Geoff's first meeting at the church.

He was a little concerned, but not really. Not for the group its-self but from some of his members at church. Although, no one commented about it in the bulletin. No one knew how much trouble he went to into writing the bulletin. That was a job in its self. Keeping birthday dates a lined. Aliment. Some guidepost tidbit. Really, he felt for sure no one really read it unless he didn't put in the information they wanted.

"I'm not even sure anyone will show," Geoff came with some pamphlets and an ice chest of cold drinks and some cookies.

"How are you getting the information out?" Max wondered.

"Website." Geoff nodded. "I haven't spent as much time on it as I wanted. Dayton's sort of caught up in something, and I don't know what to do."


"Well, its about girl." Geoff sighed as he got the table ready. "And I don't know if I should butt in or not. Its just a part of me wants to do something. Only I don't know if Dayton would like the idea."

"Like what?" Max felt his pastor self come out then.

"Its crazy," Geoff almost smiled, but then didn't. "I think I want the baby."

It was quiet then. No one was here. It was going on a good fifteen minutes into the hour.

"Really?" Max smiled. "I don't think that's crazy at all."

"I just get this feeling, she doesn't want it. And what kind of world is that to come in to when you know, you're not wanted?" Geoff said.

"How would Dayton feel about this?" Max looked at Geoff.

"I haven't asked him. I think he'd hate the idea." Geoff pressed his lips tight then.

"I'm not even sure Dayton is ready for his own pet," Max smiled.

"I know." Geoff nodded. "Like I said, its a crazy idea. Maybe I'll forget about it soon."


ellie said...

That might be insane..but who knows.

simon n josh said...

oh..this could cause lots of tension.

Cate said...

About the previous chapter: Men in tights muscal, LOL ^^

About this chapter: I'm sure that writing the bulletin is a LOAD of work. People should appreciate it.
Let's see what comes of this idea of Geoff's...

Occupied Funk... said...

Guys, this blog rocks and I love the initiative.
I've linked to here and would display the link on occupied funk.
And thanks for reading and posting a comment.

dawn said...

wonder if geoff is ready for this? or why the change? it'll be interesting to see dayton's reaction.

hope your weekend has been good. we are in for a hellacious storm...sleeting now, snow to follow, thunder and lightning last night. i don't think mama nature can make up her mind!

cady x said...

Bulletin writing is such a thankless job.

Thanks for the notes.