what it could be

Geoff couldn't believe he said that. Really, he hadn't meant to. Had he meant it? He would adopt the baby. He wanted to adopt Nancy's baby.

He felt a lump in his throat. Was he sure?

"How hard is it?" He found himself asking Max.

"If you meet the requirement, its not hard at all." Max smiled.

"I shouldn't be thinking about it. Really." There was Dayton to think about. He was hard enough to raise. Of course, he really didn't think that way about Dayton, but he knew he'd never go for something like that. Never.

"No, no really its a great idea," Max sounded so sure of it.

They were in the middle of their conversation when a young blond woman showed up. Geoff looked up then.

"Are you here for the meeting?" He asked giving her a welcoming handshake.

She just nodded.

"I'm afraid it's just going to be a very small crowd today. Just you and me. Hope that'll be all right?" She looked quite depressed to Geoff, and oddly he thought maybe he'd seen her before, but he didn't know where. He just couldn't quite place her.


cady x said...

Wonder who the woman is.

I liked that line about it being hard enough to raise Dayton. Hilarious.

simon n josh said...

speak of the devil..ahahahahaaaa..

Liz said...

Who is it? O.O

dawn said...

wondering...hmmmmm. i like that line too about raising dayton. funny.

so we got some snow, luckily almost melted now. there will be ice tomorrow morning before the last of it melts. uck. i'll be posting some pics of the snow later this week i hope! hope you're having a good week so far!

ellie said...

Yeah, Dayton alone is a lot to handle. I don't think Geoff needs anything else.